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  1. lol @ vri, you must have hit your head on the desk a few times in the reading of this thread.

    it took me 10 minutes to take the springs out, to put new ones in it took about 45 minutes a side
  2. Well I decided to use the "MFE" method of replacing my springs and I finished one side so far. I am also replacing just about the entire suspension so it's taking a bit longer than I anticipated, but it's working and it seems to be fairly safe if you use ratcheting straps to keep the spring in line...just in case. Here's a write up on how to do it. And this method is faster than the hose clamp method..LOL!

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  3. The MFE method... well it wasnt invented by him... regardless has been being used for a long period of time. According to a few guys I know that are legends :D literally(becuase of work... not like I hang at their houses) . The only method I ever use, but I was shown this method when I was 17 and in school. I wasn't shown it in school btw.
  4. Exactly!:nice:

    I've never been scared installing them with hose clamps. The only time i was like oh **** was when i held the compressed spring for the first time. After that, its just become a normal method for me. Never had any issues, works flawlessly.
  5. I would think T bolt clamps would work better. Or are you guys even aware they sell spring retainer clips just for this?

    Do what works for you, but don't recommend it safely to others. I had a spring pop out and hit me in the temple, blacked out, it *****in hurt. That was only using a pry bar to get another inch of clearence, big mistake. Went to Ford, borrowed their internal spring compressor and all was right with the world. Brand new front drag springs are insanely high when first installed, I couldn't believe how far I had to compress them. Felt like I had a bomb waiting to go off in my hands when bring it over to the car. Gotta respect the spring.
  6. As a new guy, I hate to chime in, but I can't hold it anymore.

    Riceslayer302, for God sake man, at least attach the LCA before cutting the clamps. You aren't playing Russian Rulette, your just shooting a gun at nite with a blindfold on. If you are going to do a job half-assed, at least think a little.

    Please don't anyone release a spring like that without the LCA in place. You are the luckiest SOB I've ever seen!!!

    One more thought. If hose clamps were ok to be used in this manner, they would be called "spring holders" not "hose clamps" Hose clamps are for hoses, not springs.

    Do you know why they call 'em roach clips? cause "pot holder" was already taken. Not so with hose clamps.

    The problem is, too many stupid people, and nothing that eats them.
  7. This may be the stupidest thing I have seen. I honestly cant figure out why the whole thread wasn't deleted. They delete street racing threads because they are promoting stupid and dangerous behavior . OH.....Wait.... So is this.

    Now, with that being said....

    I have never used a spring compressor on a fox body. I have never needed one. If you unhook the end links and the rack from the control arm it will open far enough to get ALL pressure off the spring. how ever, I ALWAYS use a pry bar through the bottom coil into the hole in the control arm. This insures that if it slips while pressure is still on it it can't come flying out at you.
    I can do all four corners on a fox in 45Min. That is taking out stock springs and installing FMS or Eibach. And Yes, I use air tools.
  8. im not even going to reply to this lol...
  9. I will ha..

    I will say that the hose clamp method works awesome. Of all the times i've done it, there has never been 1 problem. Never a thing. So to me, yes this is 100% safe. I say that to others because if they do it the way I do it, there will be no problems. I do agree with the other guy about rice slayer should have hooded up the spindle to strut before cutting the hose clamps. But i also metioned that before. I would NEVER do that his way. I would of thought that spring would have jumped out. But i guess not. Here is my Method, which started it all ha.

    Hose Clamp Method!
    1. Get 10 hose clamps, and a spring compressor
    2. Compress the spring, install 5 hose clamps per spring
    3. Remove spring compressor
    4. Install compressed spring(by the hose clamps) into the control arm
    5. Jack the control arm up far enough to attach the spindle to the strut
    -If you have the spring compressed enough you won't even have to jack the control arm, there should be no resistance...
    6. Cut the hose clamps off
    7. DONE!

    Again, the whole reason for the hose clamps is because i(and many others) either...
    A. Don't want to spend $300.00+ on the "Correct" compressor
    B. Can't find the correct one local or even one that works for that matter, because they interfer with the control arm, spindle, whatever.

    Reasons i say it is safe...
    1. I don't feel the clamps will break
    -And i'm sure that some data will show that the clamps will hold more then the spring anyhow. Why do i know that? Well if they didn't, the spring would of broke the hose clamps. And no i didn't get "lucky". I've done it well over 15 times now.
    2. I actually am more scared of the compressor when the spring is compressed then the clamps
    3. If the hose clamps were to break(Ya right!), the spring is behind the spindle/strut/etc, it will not jump out at you.

  10. my friend and i played catch with my passenger side spring, while it was compressed with hose clamps. wish i had gotten a pic...
  11. I love the preaching of safety by a group of people with high horsepower cars that spend every weekend at the drag strip. I am willing to bet that more people have been seriously injured or killed by drag racing (legally at the track) than by using hose clamps to install springs...

    Anyway, I hope that someone who has used the hose clamp method and got hurt will chime in here. There have been a few people to give "spring" injury stories in this thread, yet none of them have used hose clamps... Hmmmmm.

    When I did my springs I didn't use hose clamps or compressors. Just don't point the loaded gun (aka spring) at yourself and be careful!!!

  12. I thought that was funny as well. These hose clamps should be the least of your worries.

    Thats simply because hose clamp, spring, and injury just don't come in one sentence. It just doesn't happen!:D
  13. That's kinda what the hard facts of this thread are showing! :shrug: Data can be provided, but proof has been far from reached....
  14. Jason,
    Since you are in the field and preaching so much against it, why don't you take some hose clamps and load them up on your loading machine. Do 10 or so till plastic deformation takes place and let us know what the average is. I would do it myself but I don't have access to strain gauges or loading machines atm. That would be helpful to prove how dangerous it truly is. Just a thought.

  15. Haha, yea I'm right there with ya. But I'm starting to look forward to seeing every new statement people have to add to this thread... Its entertaining!
  16. this is the best thread... EVER

    if someone wants to do the load test, ill buy the hose clamps
  17. Unfortunately, threads like this don't help the forum's image. There are a TON of good people with great expertise that post here (almost all my favorites have posted on this thread alone), but a few folks whom are less experienced lower the overall image of the place.
  18. I thought the same thing when it made it to the 2nd page.
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