Remote Ignition (TFI) Module

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    ---First off my apologies for not taking many photos. This is a problem I have when I start working on something, I just don't stop until I get to a landmark or until it's done.

    ---Now, I am not new to the geek scene. If ever there's a computer problem with PC, I'm generally the guy to call. Just as well with automotive. It is fairly well known that because I am not a corporate dick, nor do I have overhead (heat, lights, advertising), I can generally do a job on the words of "I will be done by this time at the latest and if you buy the parts, all you have to do is pay me what you think it's worth to you." I never get anything good out of the deal (red meat/venison/bison), but green is always good, as well as the smile I receive.

    ---One day my bud and I, a fellow Fox owner, were discussing the crappy design with distributor mounted modules. I have known this to be a problem for ages, even have considered incorporating a remote module (blue tag) from earlier years, but never decided to do so because the module would still be on the distributor, so it wouldn't solve much but the high RPM miss, which our senses aren't keep enough to notice. So, looking at a few CPU heat sinks, my bud and I joked... but I never pushed it out of my mind.

    ---While at the local Pull-A-Part grabbing an EGR Vacuum Solenoid P/N E77E-9D474-C1A (AKA EGR Time Delay Switch ), also found on 1987 Aerostars, we stumbled upon a 93 Aerostar, which while I was under the hood, I figured I would just pull the TFI. Low and behold, as most of you already know, there was a nice Heat Sink with remotely mounted module on the right, inner fender. SWEET! So, we grabbed it and another.

    ---On the way home, we stopped at the rental station to pick up a Bobcat. I worked on chain link fence while my bud mined minerals (dirt) for his Mother. I walked over to watch him play with his Son and found a 4" wide, nearly 1/4" thick, 25' long piece of conveyor belt... MINE! I figured I would use it for in-line fuel pumps and such... cause rubber bushings make them sound so much nicer. Well, it became the base of my remote module setup... the "connector" for the terminals.

    ---Gonna shorten this up now and throw a pic in. I made mine first, cause as you may know, I was having starting issues. Will explain later, but here it is.


    ---I'll explain what I did after I make up a few images using the good ol', simple MSPAINT, make a few more pieces or conveyor belt for illustration and get some rest. I did this last week, installed it Wednesday and finished my buds... in a few minutes. Well, maybe after another cup of View attachment 202596

    ---I made the harnesses myself. I pulled em apart, gutted them down to single wires. Saved all foil, steel grounding strap, etc. I don't see anything beneficial to the way Ford had them made. They seem half-witted to me and I will explain what I did differently when I return. Main thing was when I cut the harnesses, I cut them all the way up to where they entered the main harness on the Aerostar. That left me a perfect amount of wire for mounting on the 2.3... and I believe a perfect amount for mounting on my bud's 5.0. Trial fit will show if the tape measure was lying.

    ---Hope it doesn't get long, drawn out and boring for you. It was very simple, so please hang with me when I return.