Removal of air silencer

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by 2Tone5.0, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. I want to remove the air silencer on my 98 kia sephia (to add a few more ponys if ya know what im sayn). so where is it exactly? where should i look to find it? im guessing near the intake box?
  2. Correct. The silencer is usually connected to the intake box and then routed either to the inner fender, behind the front bumper, or somewhere towards a lower point in the engine bay.

    However, don't expect any actual horsepower gains from doing so. Unless you have some insanely restrictive air silencer, such as on an '87 Honda CRX Si (it's literally four foot in length and went from the passenger-side fender all the way across the front to the other fender), then all you're going to gain is more engine growl - basically, the first half of what makes up a typical "pissed off bumble bee" import "sports" car. And, as we all know, the louder a car is, and the more stickers and wings it has thrown on it, the faster it is. :D

    Instead, you might consider simply getting a drop-in K&N filter. Not a big gain in performance, but better than nothing at all, and better than spending $150 on some bling-blingy chrome "cold air intake" setup that'll net exactly the same performance result.
  3. yeh i have the K&n box air filter replacement already was only $30. I made a highway trip and a full tank usally gets me 330miles. with the k&n im getttin around 360 now. works alright