Electrical Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder, Won't Turn On

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  1. So I had some trouble turning on my 89 fox yesterday. The key felt locked and wouldn't turn the car on. I fiddled with it a but and got it started. I got my car home and went to start it this morning, key won't even go in. I got a new cylinder, but I need to get the old one out. Any ideas? I've heard drill the tumblers out and use a screwdriver to turn it on, but was wondering if any easier alternatives. Using some wd and a lot of working they key, I got the key mostly in, but it still won't turn.
  2. Try wiggling the steering wheel. That might free up the tumbler. You can also try removing the plastic around the steering column, right behind the tumbler there is a mass of wires/harness there. There's two bolts holding the housing to the colum. When you turn the key, the tumbler has a pin which slides back and forth. That may be the issue. Rap on the tumbler a little to free it up. Other thing could be a back ignition swith causing the pin to be stuck. The tumbler has to be in the on position to remove it
  3. Recall on Ford Ignition switches:
    Some of the symptoms of ignition switch problems are things that don’t work or are intermittent like radio, turn signals, wipers or heater.

    There was a FREE recall on Ford ignition switches. They overheat and sometimes catch fire. That burns up the steering column and sometimes the car interior. Since this is very old information, you may not be able to get the switch replaced for free anymore. The auto parts stores sell the switches for $13-$15.




    Saleen0679 was nice enough to dig this up for us awhile back: Replace a 1979-1993 Ignition Switch Assembly

    Replacing the lock cylinder assembly
    I'm doing this by memory and it's been a long time since I did it last...

    This little trick enables you to just replace the lock cylinder. There may be more problems you'll uncover if you take the plastic covers off the steering wheel.

    First, disconnect the battery negative terminal from the battery.
    Notice that there is a small hole in the insert that holds the key. Make sure that the front wheels are lined up straight and that they aren't causing the lock cylinder to bind so that you can't easily turn the key On. Stick a paper in the hole in the lock cylinder. Insert the key and twist it towards the Start position while pressing on the paper clip. It should go past Start and then you can grab the two lock ears and pull the lock cylinder out.

    Your local auto parts store will have the replacement lock cylinder assembly if you can find a Parts Counter Whiz that can find it...

    Pop the new lock cylinder back in and twist it towards off. Reconnect the negative battery cable and you should be good to go...
  4. Thanks guys. I've tried about everything. I think something broke inside of the cylinder. I'm going to keep trying to wiggle the key and try to get the key to get to the on position, but I think I may have to drill the tumblers out :/ I can't think of any other alternative. Anyone ever drilled the tumblers out of an ignition switch?

    And that recall on the plug I may want to look into, if 13 dollars gives me security of mind that my car won't catch on fire, well worth it.