remove lower door trim?

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  1. hi there i have an 89 mustang covertible and i am trying to figure how to remove the rear quater panel pieces of trim that run all the way around the lower half of the car and am not quite sure how they come off, i read a previous article on here through a google search from a few years back that said the pieces that are right on the door should come right off farily easily. i can get a putty knife/screw driver up under the rear piece on the passenger side but it doesnt seem to want to pop off and i dont really want to just snap it off if i dont have to. any ideas on how to get the rest of the trim off thanks for the help
  2. maybe i posted this in the wrong section?
  3. no, its just that noone spends much time in here.

    if ur cheap, like me, wrap a flat-head screwdriver in a cloth and pry gently... but Im pretty sure ford makes a tool for that specific purpose
  4. I just removed those pieces you're talking about, from my vert. You gotta remove the top, but just the part that attaches behind those plastic parts. In order to do thism you gotta remove some nuts from behind the backseat. Then you'll see some tiny bolts retaining the plastic trim you're talking about.

    It's quite a job to do this, but take your time. I painted mine when I did the top about a year ago.