remove the power steering?

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  1. well I was at mid ohio last weekend looking at some cars and seen that they use manual racks in alot of the cars. now I am thinking of doing. I am building a mild road race car. I already have 15:1 steering ratio. but I would like to get rid of a pulley and clean the engine bay up. any one have one on their street car, and can you take turns like you can with P/S? I have a truck with out power steering but it has the power rack, so I can not turn for the life of me. but I do get good road feel
  2. I was gona do this...but an sn95 rack offers better feel IMHO....ESP the 03/04 cobra rack
  3. I have a flaming river manual rack but I run skinnys and it sees 90% track duty. I wouldn't do it to my DD or mostly street driven ride......IMO
  4. I'd personally never do it to something you plan to frequently drive on the street. Its just an inconvenience, IMHO.
  5. Im not really sure what the question is, i think those road race guys have specific steering racks for the road racing, and i would think its not comparable to the flaming river rack that most of us are using here. If you do it make sure you get a dedicated rack and not just bypass your power stuff, thats a real hassle.

    I have a manual rack, and drive on the street all the time, 3pt turns arent that fun but when the car has ANY kind of movement, the wheel frees itself up and turning isnt bad
  6. its not a problem at all with skinnies, which you obviously wont have with a road course car. I dont know a whole lot about road race set-ups but i would say there are manual racks made for that purpose.
  7. I have a flaming river rack on my 88 gt. I drive it to work as long as there is not snow on the ground. I also run 245/45/17 front tires. Its not bad when you are driving, pulling int parking spots can be kinda fun though.
  8. Doesn't MM make a road-race-specific power steering setup?
  9. they sure do :nice:

    From a another road racers point of view, i run powersteering, with a short turn rack, if you are doing cause everyone else is doing it well then go for it :rolleyes: if you want to keep your car usable then stay with powersteering
  10. I will check that out
  11. checked it out and I want it. and I will probably get it.:D
  12. I bought the summit manual steering rack kit and put it on last weekend. It's not bad at all. It's definitely easier than turning compared to having the power steering rack on without the pump hooked up. It's not my daily driver so I don't mind it.
  13. If I remove the pump does anybody make a bracket & pulley to replace it?
    We will be running skinnies, removing AC, battery in the trunk
  14. I drive on a manual rack frequently. No problems. Even with wider front tires.

    And yes, one of the Stangnet Vendors sells a power steering delete pulley kit.