Removing Body Details For Painting And Clean-up - Scoops, Trim, Etc.

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  1. I am going to start removing a few pieces tomorrow to do some painting and detailing. I was wondering if you guys can give me any tips for removing the side scoops in a 94 convertible. Do I have to remove the interior panels to remove them from the car?

    I also plan to remove the flat black trim around the convertible top to repaint it before the few small rust spots get carried away. The rear piece is a no-brainer. But the side pieces look a little more complicating to remove. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yup, interior panels have to come out. Pop the back seat bottom out, then the backing. After that you will be able to remove the side panels. You shouldn't have to pull the seatbelts off, as there's enough slack to move the panels out of the way. IIRC, there are 3 or 4 nuts holding on the side scoops inside. After you get those, they slip right out.

    The convertible top trim can be removed at the same time. There are a few screws (IIRC, I've done this on a '99 but it SHOULD be the same) that are not accessible unless the interior panels are out of the way. Pop those off, find the screws (located roughly where the window felts are) and they should come up somewhat easily. The rear trim pieces aren't bad, you can see most of the screws with the decklid open.
  3. I will be starting this project tomorrow so your reply comes just in time. It will be a good time to go over the panels and clean them up anyway.


    P.S. good to see you got your hesitation prob solved ;)
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  5. I painted the hood vents and the tail lights so far. I have yet to have nice enough weather to drop the top and remove the interior panels.