Removing Driveshaft for Towing?!

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  1. I know this has probably been covered a million times but I'm a newb so here goes. I'm looking for REAL experience here, who has towed their manual transmission Mustang, rear wheels down? How far and did you have any problems?

    I just bought an '86 GT Convertible, 5-speed, that I'll be towing from SC to PA. I don't want to mess with removing the driveshaft and finding a way to plug the output shaft. I'm using a dolly.

    Any advice?

  2. EVERY single Mustang that gets towed to our salvage yard has the rear drive shaft off, unless the company used a flat bed truck. And these are junk cars for if you have a good car to tow home using a dolly, I'd take it off.
  3. I towed my capri home on a dolly with the drive shaft in issues here.

    66.1 mi – about 1 hour 21 mins

    Not saying its what to do, but I did it.
  4. cant see it being a problem, same thing as driving the car down the road
  5. towed mine from sc to nj,the only reason they say to remove the driveshaft is bc on auto cars the pump is not working while the trans is turning from the dshaft.i don't see how it would effect a 5spd.
  6. I just put mine in N and put it on a dolley. No problems for me.
  7. Remove the driveshaft would be my suggestion. Even though its a manual, you are still spinning the output shaft and with the car not being level, the fluid will be sitting at the back rear. Just drain the fluid, to fill just pop the shifter off and fill from the top. Cover the tail end of the trans with a thick bag and rubber band/zip tie it on. Not sure when you changed your trans fluid last but it isn't that expensive and not a bad thing to put in new fluid.

  8. Bingo

    With a manual, you are spining your mainshaft while your countergear remains still. The fluid will pool at the bottom and not get splashed around and you will cook your input shaft to mainshaft roller bearings which are the first to go when starved of fluid. The trans is usually noisy when those go.
  9. Thanks to everyone for your input. I decided to give it a shot without pulling the driveshaft (planning to rebuild the tranny anyway). After towing from SC to PA, I can report no problems. Trans shifts smooth with no more noise than it had before the trip.

    Thanks again!