Removing Driveshaft

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by mikeflys1, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. By any chance does anyone know the size of the bolts holding the driveshaft to the the differential? thanks

  2. 12 point 12 mil metric dude
  3. thanks man i have to go pick me up some 12 point sockets now. Gotta love an excuse to get new tools.
  4. box end fits very good hard to fit sockect
  5. wrenches, sockets?! i always used a hammer :p

    sorry i had to do that, its a good idea to slide a screwdriver threw one of the ends to keep the drive shaft from spinning, good luck.

  6. I used a 12mm wrench and had a friend kick the crap out of it until they break loose. It wasn't much work me at all. :nice:
  7. or put it into gear and pull the e-brake
  8. propane torch to kick the loctite loose. :nice:
  9. plasma cutter and cut the drive shaft...then jusr re-weld....very simple and much better for the car....

  10. Bingo! I used a torch and a BABB (close relation to a BFH) to pop those suckers right out, hardly took long at all. They have red loctite on them from the factory, so you have to loosen that up with the torch.

  11. I suggest you putting some silicone or loc-tite back on those bolts. I torq'ed them to spec and about a month later they came loose on me and almost rattled me to death. 2 of the bolts had come loose...
  12. i had no problems with the the bolts, and I've removed them from several foxes and other cars. and putting them back in was no biggy, just tighten them down snuggley, then go over each one and give it a nice turn to lock it.
  13. yah i thought it would be no biggy either. I've swapped 4 A4LD's since I've had my car, then I got a FRPP aluminum driveshaft so I've done this before and had no problems... imagine if my driveshaft bolts came all the way out and my driveshaft let loose at like 35mph... let alone if i was cruising down the freeway at 80mph... it just aint worth it for a $3 bottle of loc-tite. Better safe than sorry...