Removing Exhaust?

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  1. I'm debating removing our lovely dickpipe that comes standard on all our v6s. I know this will make my car loud as can be and even sound a little ricey on the top end. But i just can't stand looking at it anymore. I plan on getting a custom exhaust set-up built for xmas and i was wondering whether or not removing my current exhaust would damage the engine or exhaust manifolds in anyway? I just can't stand the dick pipe and want to remove it. Would it do harm to my engine and would anything special have to be done to make this work? Will i have to relocate my o2 sensers? thanx
  2. where do you plan on cutting, or removing it from? I dont think it would hurt anything, someone on here did that once, chopped off a good ***** of the pipe until he got his new exhaust. No problems i can think of.

  3. well are you actually gonna cut it off or are you going to unbolt it from the middle before the mufflers? Which if you did unbolt it you would still have to cut it because the pipes bend on way thats impossible to get out. Anyways, I ran with no pipes for a little while until I got my catbacks and nothing happened, it was actually kinda fun it was SOOO loud, but if you're planning on cutting it before the cats, I heard someone do that once and after driving for a little while they got sooo sick from the dirty smoke they were puking the whole day.
  4. no clue on where i'll cut it yet... i came here for advice on what to do since i'd be lost. I'd probably unbolt it if i could...
  5. Have you looked at your exhaust system? In case you don't know, from the headers comes the y pipe with the catalic converters. Then comes the pipe with the muffler that goes to the back. This pipe is bolted on to the y pipe. I unbolted this pipe off, which ends up cutting the exhaust off right under the seat. I kept it like that for a little while.
    Now if you do this, you'll have to end up cutting this pipe in order to get it out of there because it bends over the axle a certain way that there is no way for you to get it out in one piece. Now what you could try doing is keeping the pipe there after you unbolt it and hang it somehow, unbolted. It'll look like you have your stock pipe but it won't be operational. I wouldn't do this though cause looking at a car as loud as it would be with the stock pipe just looks dumb.
    I hope any of that made sense?
  6. yea it made perfect sense... but back to what was said before... could this be harmful to the health of the passengers of the car, where we'd actually get sick from fumes seeping into the car?

    I definately don't want the end to stick out, I don't even want to see the pipe because of how ugly it is. Is there a single pipe after the Y or is there another bolt somewhere? If there's a way to seperate the pipe in half, that would be fine for now. Other then that... chop chop she goes.
  7. you can't just cut the littel deflector off hangin out the back cus the exhaust commin out will melt your bumper, trust me...

    if you cut it get like a crome deflector thats shorter so people can't see it...
  8. it won't harm the passengers. Thats if you unbolt the whole exhaust system from the long as you keep your cats on you'll be ok.

    And you just have to unbolt it from the middle of the exhaust system and cut the unbolted part off cuase like I said you won't be able to get it out without cutting because of the way its bent. And thats it, the easiest thing u can possibly do
  9. one question.......what's a dick pipe???? :)
  10. You don't want to know. :shrug:
  11. Not to be a party pooper, but this is NOT a good idea. Yeah, the single pipe is ugly, but lets look at the reasons not to do this:

    If you cut just unbolt the thing off the headers, it will be so unbelieveably loud that you'll crap yourself. It'll destroy your performance because of the lack of backpressure, and it will utterly decimate your fuel economy because you'll run open-loop all the time. Bad, bad, bad BAD idea.

    If you just cut the y-pipe after the cats, you'll still lose some performance (not as much), but at least you'd be able to go closed loop. I'd be careful abour driving in any kind of rain or dusty road, though, pretty good way to have **** flying into your cats and permanently **** them up.

    You could just 'nip the tip' off right after the muffler. Wouldn't really make any difference whatsoever, and you wouldn't see the tip anymore...

    Further, if you cut it anywhere under the car, you WILL be breathing fumes. Especially if you cut it closer to the front. I'm not saying it'll kill you, but it sure as hell won't be good for you. If you don't think those fumes will make it into the cabin, you're dead wrong. There's a reason exhaust pipes are at the BACK of the car.

    So basically you're talking about turning your car into a hideously loud (and not GOOD loud, BAD loud) monster that pukes fuel all over the place and performs like crap, and huffing on some gas fumes for a few months, all so you don't have to see a little 2" pipe? :rolleyes:

    I really just think this is a very bad idea. ESPECIALLY when you're getting a new exhaust in a month or two. Just wait. Patience is a virtue. If you REALLY hate that tip that much, just clip it off a few inches back from the bumper. But I wouldn't even bother going that far.
  12. I unbolted mine before the muffler and I don't think it sounds all that bad. It's loud at WOT and sounds great at idle. You should see people's faces when they are trying to decide what kind of mustang it is cus it has no exhaust pipe. I haven't really noticed any exhaust fumes coming in either. Maybe I'm already screwed up so I don't notice though... who knows.
  13. You don't have to cut the snake pipe "Your tail pipe" (Or what you call a Dick-pipe) in half to get it off past the rear axle.To get it off in one piece,you just simply jack up the back of the car,and pull the pipe out back towards the rear.You just turn the pipe in a couple different directions as you work it out.Easy and take only a minute.You'll be wasting energy if you decide to try and cut it off.

    And it's not all that loud untill you get on it real good.Remember you still have 4...count'em..."4" Cats on there.And each one also works like a small muffler.So if you cut the pipe before the cats,it'll be hell loud coming out just a pinch after the headers.And it sounds like ****!!Really though, I don't know of any exhaust system that sounds at all good on a V6.
  14. 4 cats? i don't think so....
  15. Actually there are...

    Technically the hi-temp and low-temp reduction and oxidation cats are usually contained in a single unit on most cars, but on ours the cats are in two separate housings, times two banks, = 4 cats. Really they're only like 4 'half cats', but there are 4.....
  16. there only 2 on my car bub, right after the headers, 1 cat on each side, then the H pipe then tubing then the flowmaster, then the tips...

  17. you sure you didn't take two of them off? Thats what I did, cut two off and kept two on and made an h-pipe.
    And if anybody's wondering why do a stupid thing like that and not just take all cats off or keep them all on its because I had the h-pipe but it didn't bend up towards the headers, so the easiest way was to take two of the cats out, I wanted to take all 4 off but it would've cost like an extra 100 bucks so whatever, no biggie
  18. Our cars have 4 cats, unless you cut two out.