Removing Exterior Roof Moulding

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  1. Repainting my car and getting trim removed and cant figure out how to take off the Exterior Roof Moulding (i call it the A pillar trim) without trying to break it, got one bolt removed, just wanted to double check if there was anything else that needs to be taken out or if it just pops off after the lower bolt?

    Its Number 1:
  2. For anyone who needs to remove theirs, You need to pull out the window weatherstrip along the inside edge which will expose a series of fasteners that hold the wheatrestrip channel in place. Torx T2, then remove that. that'll expose the phillps head fasteners that hold that trim in place. But they are clipped into the rear section as well so they need to be carefully slide apart to get it to fully come off.

    Such a pain in the ass how ford designed them.. Sometimes i wonder what they were thinking doing it..
  3. Lol, yup, been there, done that.
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