removing front hub assembly


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Apr 7, 2006
i have a random question, my wheel bearing went out and is sitting in a parking lot about 15miles from my house. I have a new hub assembly to replace the old one but cant remember what tools i need to get the caliper and bracket and abs sensor off. Does anyone know what sockets or allenkeys or torx bits that i will need to get to the hub assembly. I have the 35mm socket for the hub but just cant remember what tools to get the caliper and bracket off and dont wanna take a ton of tools or forget something. Im gonna fix the car tonight when i get off work. thanks
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Jun 14, 2004
Acworth, GA
You don't have to remove the ABS sensor. The reductor ring is part of the bearing. I think the stock breaks use 13mm and 15mm bolts. The bitch is the big bolt that holds the hub bearing onto the spindle. That nut is torqued to like 285 ft.lbs of torque. You usually need an impact to take it off, or at least a huge breaker bar.



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Aug 26, 2004
West Los Angeles, CA
Just did this recently, though not in a parking lot. Kurt is 100% right, you need one heck of a breaker bar. The torque rating is also correct. If you have all the tools but a torque wrench that high, you can just tighten it as best as you can and drive on it. Though I would recommend making sure it's within torque specs ASAP.

Whenever I do work away from my place, I always bring a bag of tools. I'd rather bring extra tools than forget one. Just my two cents.

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Feb 3, 2009
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I think you need something like a 1¼" socket for that nut as well. Not something you would find in a run of the mill ratchet set.