Removing smog pump

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  1. I believe the belt length is 82.7" or 2100mm (6PK2100). The routing would be like this:

  2. does it matter that i have underdrive pulleys and will i have any problems with the tensioner making noise?
  3. That's a nice, clean engine bay but how do you cope on those hot, humid Florida summer days? I live in a desert climate where it gets up to 120*F in the summer so I'd die without the AC. :lol:
  4. OK, so an 882 belt is too large and a 875 is too small. Does anybody make a belt between these 2 sizes?
  5. Just called O' Reilly's and they also have:

    I will try those tomorrow
  6. If they don't, PM me. I've got notes on what I used (somewhere). Smog and AC removed, underdrives, and no delete kits on mine. Took about forty-hundred trips to NAPA, Schucks, CarQuest, but I found one. Too late tonight to look it up. Let me know if you still need it tomorrow. Thought I posted it on here somewhere for posterity, but couldn't find it.
  7. i have a 95gt and, just put u/d pulleys on and removed smog pump. we used a 87 5/8" belt from napa i think that last 3 numbers of the part no. was 870. . . But we went from the PS Pump straight over to the alternator, bypassing the idler pulley. just took the idler pulley right off. . . dont think this will affect anything. . .
  8. anybody else know the size belt with no ac and no smog with underdrive pulleys. thanks for input
  9. Alot of variables there man. I say start with what has been suggested here and go from there. May have to run back and forth to the parts store a few times, but you'll get it eventually! Most of us have been there, done that!
  10. Just last week I played this game in the parking lot ----- swapping belts

  11. I did the same thing a few times, problem was, they didn't have a very "extensive" selection of belts to choose from, so I ended up with something a little to long. This always seems to happen to me.
  12. thanks i will have to do that. what about taking the idler pulley off. is that a good idea or does it matter?
  13. dont mean to jump on your post but if anyone has the smog bolts that they dont need anymore or if you could get me the size of the bolts, please PM me. I gotta put my smog pump back on to pass smog. thanks
  14. I used Napa P/N 25-060795. This was what I came up with after many trips back and forth.

    Can't comment on routing, car's still in storage (coming out this weekend). No A/C, no smog, underdrive pulleys, no different brackets or pulley removal.
  15. Usually it ends up being an 89.5" belt with underdrive pullies. Here is a little number logic for belts, since I am drunk and bored.

    Dayco 895K6 = 89.5" 6 ribs
    or Dayco 5060895 that's 50(who knows why) 60(6 ribs) 895 (89.5")

    If you are ever looking for a belt, you can give those numbers to the punk behind the counter. If they don't use Dayco, they should be able to cross those numbers.

    I also had the same problem with the tensioner clanking. I took a dremel, and ground back the stop on the tensioner to give it a little more play. No more clanking.

  16. I deleted mine with a 90.5 inch belt. I read all over that an 89.5 inch would fit, but it was not even about to happen even with the tensioner bottomed out.

    I used a 4060905 Goodyear gator back poly v belt since it is made in America.

    4- Belt series: Poly V
    06-6 ribs
    0905- 90.5 inches
  17. Yeah, for some reason it differs from car to car. It's kind of like the valve cover mystery. One brand of valve covers will fit perfectly on one stang, but wont' clear another one. You can also get a different size pulley for the idler if you need to fine tune the tightness on the belt. When I went back to my stock water pump pulley I had to change to a smaller idler pulley to get a belt that would fit. There was a gap in belt availability, and I ended up needing a size that nobody had available. The idler pulley was wore out anyway, and due for replacement.