Suspension Removing suspension mods - what to look for?

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  1. My 68 vert has 1" lowering blocks in the rear and cut springs in the front. I am over the low slung look and am removing the blocks and putting in near stock coils up front. My concern is the effect on pinion angle and possible vibration. Anything I should look for to prevent this? I know I will need an alignment. Other concerns?
  2. I would think that once the lowering blocks were removed and there were no angled shims used, the pinion angle would return to stock once the leafs are back centered with the rearend tab. An alignment for sure. If you've done the shelby 1" drop be sure to have it aligned to the shelby specs and not stock specs, some shops only go back to stock = your tires will wear and it'll drive poorly.
    You could always check your pinion angle once the spacers are out.

  3. double check the pinion angles, but there should be no problems otherwise.
  4. How does one check the pinion angles? I assume there is a specific tool that shows fine changes in the drive shaft to diff angle? I suppose a good driveline shop would do it easily, but I like to try these things myself...
  5. You can check pinion angles with a level and a straightedge, if you remember your geometry, or one of these that you can get on the cheap at Home Depot, etc...


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  6. On my way to HD.