Removing tab/tad & smog solenoids

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  1. Whats the proper way to remove these things without any adverse effects? I know you need the resistors but how and where do you install them?

    I am swapping to an edelbrock victor 5.0 intake which doesn't have egr. So i'll be removing the egr with the egr eliminator and I am going to remove the smog vacuum solenoids and the lines that go into the fender to the canister.

    I'm going to pick up the eliminator from this site RJM Injection Tech EGR Eliminators . How many resistors do i need to remove all that stuff on the pass fender? Thanks :nice:
  2. unstreetable.
  3. The TAD and TAB solenoids do not have any effect on drivabilty, wether you have the resistors in place or not.

    Once you have the resistorsm they just go across the two terminals in the electrical connection for the solenoid. That simple. :nice:
  4. If they don't have any effect on driveability, i'll just remove everything and leave the plugs alone and not even bother with the resistors. As long as I don't have a CEL.
  5. x2 that's what i would do.
  6. What a if I have a halfway hooked up EGR system....could this be causing a vacuum leak? (Have no clue on how the EGR is setup or where and what lines are needed) What do I do with the vacuum lines on the TAB and TAD Solenoids?

    It seems like my mustang has more vacuum lines then I've ever seen!
  7. I think you leave the vacuum line and solenoids in place. The resistor just tricks the computer into thinking everything is still hooked up and functioning as it should be so you dont get the 44 and 94 codes. I could be wrong though.
  8. Partially right. The EGR eliminator is always sending a signal to the computer that the EGR valve is permanently closed (even though its actually been removed). This prevents the CEL from illuminating and also (because the ECU thinks the valve is permanently closed) allows the ECU to ignore any EGR strategies.

    So, any banter you read about deleting the EGR causing tip-in detonation, driveability problems, etc is simply not true. I've had this eliminator on my DD for years with no problems.


    If the wrong vacuum line is not plugged, then you could have a leak.
  9. Where do you get the egr eliminator? I have an external egr exploder intake that I will be putting on soon.
  10. I just unplugged the TAB and TAD and capped the vac lines. Ran for years like that.

    Fortunately i kept them as i just put the smog pump back on...hopefully right
  11. what resistance values are needed for the TAB and TAD's? I DO DOT want to see Check Engine....
  12. 75 ohm 3 watt resistor

    This site sells the resistors, digikey does too for cheaper

    EDIT: But the TAB/TAD codes will not cause the CEL to come on...the resistors just eliminate the codes from the computer
  13. Oh... okay. I have a plethora of resistors (Been fixing alot of LCD TV's lately, bad caps).

    Blue Yellow Black here I come!!