Replaced Brakes On All Four Now The Front Are Locking Up?

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  1. Hi everyone ~

    I know this is the place to come, when you need answers!

    I have a 99 Mustang GT 4.6L Convertible. Recently, I have noticed that my front brake calipers aren't releasing like they're supposed to, especially when they get warm. When you jack the car up(Brakes warm to hot) I can only get about 1 revolution out of each side. I have heard several possibilities, but I want to hear from fellow Mustang lovers. Pins sliders all move freely Claiplers move freely everything is clean piston go back freely as well i'm lost

    1999 Mustang GT Convertible :SN:
  2. take it apart and try again is all i can tell ya
  3. What he said ^

    If that doesn't work, could be a bad caliper....or two....
  5. Does it have ABS?
  6. yes
  7. loosen the bleed valve a bit and see if fluid is under high pressure. do not let any air in or let too much oil come out of it . after you let some fluid loose check for tight brake, start the car and pump the brakes a few times then see if the caiplers are still under pressure
  8. I replaced both calipers problem gone thank you for your input thank thank thank :banana:
  9. for future reference. usually you can use brake cleaner to make them functional normal again.
  10. was both calipers thank you
  11. you found hard grit inside them? that can make them drag.
  12. oh i flushed the complete system was very dirty
  13. drilled and slotted are better.
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  14. Yea im going to buy them this week. You have a mustang?
  15. yea i think so, cause its says that on the rear bumper. lol
  16. This is my stang

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  17. very nice, take care of it it will take care of you. mine is a 96 & has 1/4 million miles and runs excellent. but i dont go fast all the time, only about half the time i drive it. lol
  18. Strange, mine just says "Struggle Buggy". Huh, how about that.
  19. What year is your stang
  20. A 2000.