Replaced Mach 460 HU

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by Superglide66, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Just replaced the Mach 460 in my 2002 Mustang using the Crutchfield Harness/Dash Kit which integrated the factory amps and speakers. Install went without a hitch however after following some off the guides online I found that if the negative dimmer orange/black was grounded as some off the how-to's suggest the battery would drain slowly. After breaking the connection problem does not seem to reoccur.

    Just wondering if anyone experience the same issue?

    Very satisfied with the results and highly recommend changing out factory unit just for the versatility alone ie Ipod/BlueTooth, etc
  2. Did you lose any sound quality at all replacing it? Im thinking about doing the same.

    Which headunit did you end up going with?
  3. Actually, the sound quality is very good. I installed A JVC KDR-810 which has BlueTooth, and IPod control and is the main reason I switch the factory unit out. I used the amp integration harness and faceplate from CrutchField and retained the factory amps and speakers, I also added a 10 inch sub with a 400 watt amp. The one piece of advice I might offer is make sure the deck has multiple RCA outputs wjth a built in high pass and low pass crossover.

    Very worth while mod............Do it!