Replaced OEM HU with Kenwwod DPX303

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  1. I recently replaced my factory head unit in my 2002 GT with a Kenwood DPX303. I did this because of the CD jamming issues. Other than that I was happy with the Mach 460 system. I used a Metra harness to be able to keep using factory amps and speakers. The problem I am having now is the Kenwood sounds great when listening to the tuner, but when I use CD or Aux it sounds weak and almost like it is lacking bass and too much treble. Like I said in tunner mode it really sounds good and at least as well as the original HU. I have made all the adjustments that I possibly can with filters and equalizer. Any idea what might be wrng here? Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.
  2. Check your wiring job at the harness. It sounds like you have the aftermarkets 'power antenna' wire hooked up to the vehicles 'amp turn on' wire. You need to use the blue/white wire from the Kenwood. The reason it sounds good on the radio source is because the power antenna lead (blue) is turning on the Mach amps that power the midrange woofers (the tweeters/highs are not amplified, thus playing on other sources).
  3. Kenwood

    Thanks, it worked great after I did what you suggested,