Engine Replacing A Heater Core

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  1. When i did my heater core on my first fox it was a PITA! Instead of taking the dash half apart i noticed you could probbably get away with just loosing the brackets that hold the dash in place.
  2. thanks for the write up. :)
  3. IS it worth it?

    Hey i live in minnesota and drive my car in every season exept winter of course. but in the fall and spring it can still be cold. do you think it is worth me to do all this work to regain heat? cause it would be nece to get it back:D
  4. did anyone realize this thread is almost 4 years old?
  5. A solid four hours is a good time to expect someone to do a heater core. Oh and I'm 95% sure you can use a 94-04 heater core, they are aluminum and have twice as many fins in them. The heat is alot better with it. I have a 98 heater box in my 88 and I get heat within a minute of the car running after it was stone cold.
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  7. I have a sn95 dash In my 93. I have to replace the evap for the A/C with the one from a fox. The dash is in the car and this is something that I am going to do during the hibernation months. Does anyone know how to get the evap out of either dash?
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  8. thats good to know. I'd put money on the newer heater cores lasting longer too
  9. i got it down to the evaporator case but can't figure out how to expose the heater core!:shrug: helppppp!!!!!!!!:eek:
  10. well,i have my new core,but i am dreading starting on this thing,sounds like a horror story !!!!
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    once you get in there its not that bad. just time consuming. give yourself a weekend to wrap it up and all will be good.
  12. im going to try

    i dont have the console to woory about.i guess thats a plus?i do have another car to drive if it takes more than the weekend but its not a Stang,lol
  13. All I know is ive done it one time and it doesnt matter if it takes you 1.5 hrs or 2hrs or 24 hrs....after 15min...youll wanna blow your head off!!! :nice:
  14. the job is a pain in the ass. i did not find it to be as dreadful as its made out to be though. it took me like 3 hours my first time. granted, i do know my way around most of the bolts pretty decent.

    it can be done with normal hand tools, its straight forward. no reason to be afraid of it.
  15. finished my heater core on 85stang.took about 8 hours,next time wont be so bad.
    still it isnt fun
  16. well done. told you not to be afraid of it.
  17. Quick question for you all.
    If a '87 didn't come with A/C, how had is it to convert the HVAC system to include A/C?

  18. heater core

    Im removing my heater core as we speak. but I cant move the box out to get the back 2 screws. I losen the 2 nuts on the fire wall and the 3 bolts under the dash. removed the heater hose, and left the AC still on. I tryed pulling the heater box as much as i can but its no where near the much as i need to get to the rear screws. am i missing something? :shrug:
  19. I changed the heater core in my 87GT years ago, i remember wishing i would have taken a pic of all the stuff i had to remove to get at it. I changed it while parked on the street in from of my house and boy was that a mistake!
    After all was said and done I couldn't believe how inexpensive the core was and how ridiculously expensive labor is...but at least i knew why in the case of the hidden heater core.
    Has anyone ever tried to make a simpler way to the "hack job" method? I mean incorporating a clean cut out and rivet system to aid in future exchanges?
    Usually I only change the core once if at all with each fox i get but it would still be good to know if i had to do it again on the same car it would be a 20 minute process instead of 2-3 hours.
    Like some previous people stated it can be done in 1.5 hours once you get familiar with it!
  20. Here's what my ALLDATA says:

    Hope that helps.