Replacing aftermarket intake with stock one

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by kurtanno, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Just bought a 2000 V-6 that has a cold air intake on it. 2 hors after driving it off of the lot the SES light came on. Took it back to the dealer and they reset the sensor. SES came on againg the next day. The dealer (not Ford) took it to Ford. The techs reported that there is a groos air leak and suggested that the stock system be put back on. I have no problem with this. The extra few hp's do not matter to me, but I was warned by the parts guy to make sure that the dealer I got the car from gets the correct intake. He said that there was a service bulletin regarding this matter a while back. Does anyone know about this?? Obviously the dealer is going to try to find a junked one, but I have concerns that it is going to work right. Help????
  2. I have not heard of any TSB on the intake on the 2000's! I would suggest making sure that all the lines are plugged in correctly and you have a good seal on the tubes!

  3. Ford shovels the biggest amount of BS ever. a TSB for a CAI??? :rolleyes:
  4. The cold air intake on the new stang does not seem to be the right one. Unfortunately I do not know where the leak is coming from, but I will check again with someone revving the engine and see if I can find it.
  5. For a leak to be causing a SES, it would likely have to be downstream of the MAF.

    There should be two holes near the top of the CAI, up by the throttle body. One is for your IAT sensor - make sure the sensor is plugged in. The second is for the PCV (vacuum hose to the valve cover) - make sure it's plugged in too. If either of those holes are open or not properly sealed, you're going to have a massive lean condition that's rather bad for the health of your motor.

    IF the CAI is not the right one for the car, it may NOT have the two correct holes. That could mean that either (a) your IAT sensor is dangling because there was nowhere to plug it in, (b) your PCV hose isn't connected to anything for the same reason, or both. The IAT dangling would be bad, but likely wouldn't cause an SES, and certainly not that fast. If your PCV hose (the one from the valve cover) wasn't plugged in on the CAI end, though, that would be causing unmetered air to enter, which would do the same as above.

    If all those are fine, I'd check around the MAF itself for a leak. Maybe the rubber doesn't fit properly or something..?

    As far as I know, there's no major issue with stock parts. Just order a stock air intake box from a 2000 and you'll be fine.