Replacing Battery...opinions Wanted

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  1. Hi all, I have a 2008 gt convertible with just over 18,ooo miles on it. The only mods are a Ford Racing CAI and tune and pypes violators mufflers. The factory battery is finally ready to be replaced and I was looking for opinions on what to replace it with. The small size leaves us mustang owners a bit limited on choices so I'm looking more for brand preferences than anything. I've bought optima red tops for my other two vehicles and both had to be replaced within 18 months so I'm hesitant to buy another. Thanks in advance!

    I did search for this before posting and didn't see anything so if I missed other threads I apologize in advance
  2. Get the Ford battery, they are darn good. I put one in last year into my 08 Lincoln
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  3. I picked up a Bosch... works well
  4. I've had better luck with the Motorcraft batteries than any of the slightly cheaper autoparts store ones.
  5. I went to Autozone batteries years ago, and have the Duralast Gold in Bullitt.

    May or may not be the best, but they last well, and there are Autozone stores everywhere I go, including a 24 hr one here.
  6. I run the Duralast in my car (They didn't have the size in Gold then), it lasted 4 years, which is how long the Motorcraft lasted.
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  8. I would stick to OEM.