Electrical Replacing Cfi With Explorer Harness Possible

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  1. Hey guys I have a 83 Thunderbird with a 92 mustang 5.0ho swap with the old CFI setup :'( my buddy selling his 95 explorer v8 for parts could I use his harness,computer, fuel rail etc..in my Thunderbird to convert it over?
  2. Possible yes.

    Practical no, unless you are an excellent automotive electrical technician. Just being able to do things like change fuses, light bulbs, and major assemblies like starters, alternators and electric motors is not a sufficient level of expertise. This is not a bolt on and go deal. Very few, if any, of the 95 Explorer electrical and computer connectors are going to mate and match the circuits present in the 83 T-Bird.

    There are a lot of things that need to be moved, added, spliced and changed. If you get stuck with a problem, there may not be anyone who has successfully swapped 95 Explorer EFI into an 83 T-Bird.who can help you.

    You would need the Explorer V8 wiring diagram and the 83 T-Bird wiring diagram and lay them out side by side. Then you get to figure out how to make the old CFI computer power wiring mate up with the Explorer computer power input.

    Next comes the fuel pump & plumbing. The Mustang EFI fuel system use a high pressure pump with a return line from the regulator to the tank. You are going to have to change the tank mounted fuel pump and modify the pump wiring. The return line to the fuel tank may or may not be present - I don't know. The parts list for the 83 T-Bird shows two fuel pumps, one in the tank (low pressure) and another externally mounted in the fuel line (high pressure). The low pressure pump in the tank needs to be replaced with the Mustang EFI high pressure pump. Then the T-Bird inline high pressure pump needs to be removed and the fuel line spliced with a length of tubing and suitable fittings. Sloppy work here can burn up the car and you with it.
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  3. Thanka you!!! I've been trying to Google this for a while now. Yea idk if I'm ready for that challenge really was hoping it would be more of a plug n play smh. I definitely don't want to take a chance with a fire either I put that swap in my car n it ran great for about 3 months n now its putting and almost like a studder when I give it gas
  4. And Im thinking it could be because of my computer nor reading that ho cam or motor to well..is there any cheap conversion u think i may be able to do to get away from this CFI crap
  5. There is a $560+ harness that is used when putting a 5.0 EFI engine in an older Mustang or other vehicle. That does not include the computer, injectors, MAF, or any of the other sensors. You could easily have $700 -$900 tied up in that conversion if you have to buy an aftermarket EFI wiring harness.

    As much as I am not a fan of carb conversions, you car might be a good choice for that option. You get to remove the inline high pressure fuel pump, add a low pressure regulator, add a nice 4 barrel carb and a intake manifold. If your distributor still has the vacuum and mechanical advance, you don't need to spend money on the ignition system.

    Some other things to check out while you are browsing the Internet...

    @stang&2Birds - maybe he will pop up with some advice.
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  6. Thanks for that info I'm curious this is my dd r carbs reliable for everyday use if I go that route I'm thinking of a holley 500 4 barrel
  7. Holley 600^
  8. EFI would be nice, an 89 Mustang 5.0 computer harness and A9P Auto Transmission computer would be what you you would need.
    However, I have no clue of how the existing T-Bird fuel pump would be connected into the 89 Mustang 5.0 computer wiring harness. You would need to have both sets of wiring diagrams and set them side by side to figure it out.

    If the thought of that interests you, try Google using T-Bird and Mass Air conversion