Replacing frame rails and some other metal work


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Jan 1, 2008
Hey guys,

Well, the time has come. My '66's rear torque boxes and frame rails should be replaced, before I go efi. Theres some other small areas in the trunk that I'll replace aswell. Overall, the previous owners of this 66 have done a fairly decent job of whatever they replaced.

I just have a few questions. Does anybody know of any good books or websites for replacing mustang sheetmetal? I get the jist of it, (have watched my share of horsepower tv ;) ) but any tips or how tos or website of front/rear rails/torque box replacements would be a big help.

Weld at work, but never sheetmetal on a car.

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May 24, 2006
Metal Work

I'm no expert. Before this, I've never touched a welder before except in high school. I have had my 72 Coupe for almost 2 years before I started with it. Read alot of blogs and websites. Accumulated the tools that I would need. Watched the prerequisite cable shows. I remember what my old wood shop teacher preached, measure twice, cut once.

Take your time and support the car well. I'm in finance and don't do this kind of work. I consider myself pretty handy. I do my own plumbing and electrical repairs at home. I've attached a before and after of my drivers floor to give an example of what I'm dealing with myself.

Good Luck!

72 Rustecomy