Electrical Replacing Gauge Cluster

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  1. Guys,

    I tried to replace my broken cluster with one from a 97 and a 98 and bolt of them did not work in my 95. Will I have to swap in one from a same year??

    The problem I'm trying to fix is the speedo doesn't work and I have not checked the speedo able or vss. I will check those things next
  2. You'll need a 94-95 gt or cobra cluster.

    Our cars do not have a speedometer cable.

    Check the vss and vss wiring.
  3. Thanks. I guess that's one reason the clusters didn't work. I will check the vss. Just a side question but what makes the speedo just quit working like that! I see so many threads about bad speedo
  4. Hell if I know.
    maybe someone more knowledgeable will answer that question.

    You got no speedo movement at all when you used the 97 and 98 cluster?

    I tested a 96 cluster in mine once, and I'm not to sure, but I think the speedo worked while driving.

    For sure check that vss before buying a cluster.
  5. Were the odometer and speedometer gears in the '95 cluster okay? The odometer gear is usually the problem here. See this video for details. '96+ clusters will not work. Check the VSS and the driven gear in the transmission. What rear gear and tranny are you running? You'll need this info if the problem is the driven gear in the tranny.
  6. Running stock gears in my aode equipped turd. The odometer don't work either in the 95 cluster.
  7. Just to be clear, when I said the 96 cluster "worked" I meant the speedometer moved.
    It wasn't accurate, and all the icons were in different positions.
    I also dont think it was a plug and play.
    I may have took the 96 cluster guts, and stuck them in the 94-95 GT cluster housing.
  8. So if the plastic gear in the odo grenades will that prevent the speedo from working properly? Another demon im chasing may be related to this speedo thing. My transmission is all kinds of screwy. It shifts way too early and bogs like its in too high of a gear for may actual speed and when i go from Park to first gear it takes atleast a few seconds to shift into the gear. Meh :\
  9. Not that im aware of.
    Iirc, the odometer runs off the speedometer.
    If the speedo is not getting a signal or is bad, it will not operate the odometer.

    The plastic gears in the odometer, if stripped, will just prevent it from counting mileage.

    Hopefully someone will correct me if im wrong.
  10. I've had the plastic gears go bad and the speedo still worked. There is only one guy that sells those speedo gears, and he charges an arm and a leg. It's like $32 for each gear. It's nice to have a monopoly.

  11. Got under the car and found out that the cable that goes I to the transmission that feeds the speedometer is gone. Where is this connector usually found
  12. It is a part of the transmission harness.
    runs from the passenger side engine bay firewall , behind the engine, down the driver side of the transmission.
  13. Scary part is that I don't see it. I will have to go hunting for it.
  14. You are looking for wires not a cable as in years past. Your reference to the word "cable" made me wonder if you are looking for the correct connector.
  15. I thought we had cleared that up earlier in this thread, but Toyman is correct.
    94 and up mustangs DO NOT use a speedometer cable.
  16. No guys I'm clear on the fact is not a cable. I see what is most likely the vss which does have a connector but I don't see anything for the speedo
  17. It's all from the VSS connector at the transmission. See if these diagrams help and this .
  18. So according to my manual it looks like I am missing the VSS and the plug next to it is the output speed sensor. Will the missing vss throw off my shifts?