Replacing Headlight Switch And Harness

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 88stang88, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Well long story short my harness has melted and needed replaced.

    Could get by doing the sweet spot with the knob but had the door chime like I had the door open with the keys in the ignition.

    Went to the junk yard and grabbed a harness and switch and replaced mine wire for wire and made sure I had a solid connection on the wires.

    Good news is I don't have to find the sweet spot with the knob...bad news is the chiming is still there.

    If I removed either the dark brown or light brown wires it went away but so does my tail lights and parking lights along with my dash lights.

    Idea's or suggestions?
  2. Mine does this all the time, but it is because my ignition is sloppy. Fiddle with it and see if it stops.
  3. My ignition is definitely sloppy. When the key is out you can spin the entire housing around and then you have to fight to get the key back into place. Why would the chime only happen whenever the lights are on and not whenever they are off?
  4. I guess I am not understanding when the chime is going off on your car. Mine does it if I turn my ignition backwards past where it needs to be for the key to come out. It is like the car thinks the key is still in the ignition when I open the door. It also chimes when I leave the lights on or if I actually leave the key in the ignition.
  5. My car will chime when keys in ignition and door is open like normal. However if I turn my lights on it starts chiming. Thought I had it fixed. Drove down the street and it wasn't chiming,hit a bump and it was back. Slapped the ignition and key and it went away for a second and came back and never went away again. I read online somewhere that you can cut a wire going to the chime and it will be silenced.

    Might be reading and searching and eventually snipping unless someone has a fix.
  6. Late Model Resto is selling a complete lock/ignition replacement kit now. I wouldn't cut the chime wire or disable it. I would fix the ignition switch. Only because I like that idiot chime reminding me I left my lights on.
  7. Ya but driving at night and having a constant chime right now is unacceptable. The wife has been boycotting my car since I got it and I am starting to fix all the small little things that is keeping her from it.

    Fixed the a/c vent issue
    Fixed the missing back seat belt
    Fixed the annoying chime when lights are on

    Now just need to get the ball joints and shocks replaced and figure out why my passenger side headlight is quite a bit dimmer than the other.