Replacing Latches On Visus Louvers

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  1. tl;dr - MRT's replacement latches fit perfectly and work better than the original Visus ones.

    I know most of you folks in the 94-95 forum don't seem to like rear window louvers, so feel free to skip this post. However, I couldn't find any of the info below on the web when I was searching for a fix for my louvers. I know Google indexes StangNet on a regular basis, so I figured it's easier to post this info here. It's the best way I know to get this info out to the web.

    I happen to like the rear window louver look, and some years ago I bought a set from Visus. They've worked great all these years, I have no complaints. However, the latches that hold the louvers down were always a bit loose - and they've gotten worse with age. Visus has been out of business for some years, but MRT now has the rights to that louver design - did their parts fit Visus louvers? I called MRT and asked, and their techs said Yes. The latches were redesigned to fit better but they should still fit the Visus louvers. So I bought the replacement latch set.

    The new latches arrived today, and I installed them as soon as I got home from work. All you'll need is a Phillips head screwdriver and a way to prop up the louvers. The new latches come with a metal bracket that wasn't in the Visus design, so I had to refer to MRT's installation instructions to figure out where the bracket fit. From what I can tell, the latch itself was redesigned to be easier to unlock by hand. The new metal bracket stiffens up the latch to help prevent failure, and both the bracket and latch fit tightly against the window mount. The MRT latch fits perfectly with the Visus window mount and holds the louver securely to the window. The old Visus latch allowed some play, which caused the louver to rattle against the window. But the new MRT latch has absolutely zero play in it - the louver might as well be bolted down. I highly recommend these latches for any owner of a Visus louver.

    Get the replacement latches directly from MRT.

    Read the Instructions to see how the new metal bracket fits with the latch.
  2. So, do you have pictures? I've never been entirely opposed to side Louvers on our cars.
    and thanks for the info.
  3. Sure. I don't have many of my louvers, but this one's not bad. I'll have to take some more photos when I wash the car next.


    I also found these on the web, though they're all of New Edge Mustangs:




  4. It does look better on the new edges, but too bad I don't like the new edges;)

    It looks good on your car as well, whats with the 'mustang' bumper though? switch it out?
  5. That's his Cobra Clone.
    94-95 Cobras came with the base Mustang rear bumper.

    The "Cobra" rear bumper didn't show up til 96.
  6. Yup. The car was a V6 until I swapped a Cobra drivetrain in it. So that's the original bumper. It would have been cheaper to sell the V6 and buy a Cobra, I admit. But my grandfather bought the car for me in '97, and he passed in '99, so the car has a lot of sentimental value to me.

    The 94-95 Cobras also had the same hood as the V6 and the GT. If I remember right, Cobra owners complained to Ford because the Cobras looked too much like the other Mustangs. So Ford created the Cobra hood and Cobra bumper. While I can't exactly claim to have an "authentic" Cobra, I do like the "authentic" 94-95 look.
  7. I gotcha, I knew about the newer 96- cobra bumpers, I was looking for the 'GT' and didn't know it was a cobra clone. I like that, "authentic."

    Still a sweet ride with some effort put into it.