Replacing Second Mt-82 Transmission On My 2013 (deysha Help)

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  1. I'd like to tell everyone my brief story of the issues I have had and are having with my MT-82 transmission.
    I ordered and recieved my 2013 Mustang GT, Track Pack, Leather Recaros, & Shaker Pro Soundsystem in November of 2012.

    Sometime within the first 5k miles I started noticing an issue shifting into 4th gear whether it be underload, briskly, rev-matching from 5 to 4 on decel, etc. Basically any shifting circumstance beside putting around nice and easy. I perused the forums took it initially as something I would have to live with but eventually changed the trans oil at 11,500 mi after the problem didn't go away. At 13,100 I took the car into Ford where they decided to replace the transmission under warranty. The report said "Counter Shaft tooth chip and several drive gear ground..." I recieved a new transmission and was on my way again.

    Fast forward a few thousand miles to now. The car has 18,600 mi and I'm yet again getting a similar scenario. This time the culprit is third gear. Keep in mind it's my daily driver, I have taken it to the drag strip once (on street tires), and the car has no power adders besides basic bolt ons. Once I noticed the issue I immediately took the car into Ford. After trying to tell me I wasn't pushing the clutch in far enough (despite having a tech reproduce the same problem immetidialy) they agree to replace the transmission again!

    What I want is a car I can have fun with. Unfortunately, if Ford keeps replacing my transmission with the MT-82 I don't feel that's possible (at least with the current internals they are using). I have contacted the Ford customer hotline and started a case. Although I feel it will be almost completely impossible I'm going to try and talk to Ford about the possibility of a TR6060 swap. If anyone has a similar story or useful information that would be greatly appreciated. I'm a mechanical engineer and have requested to speak with either a regional service tech or engineer from Ford so that I can get a more straight forward issue.

    Currently car as an MGW shifter installed.
  2. I'm actually surprised they were so quick to replace that transmission a second time. Sorry, don't have much advice but it's good you at least started a case. Cross my fingers for you that hopefully the next solution is actually a solution instead of a band aid.
  3. They were surprisingly much quicker this time around. I was just told today the parts are shipping and will be in next week. The first time around I got some flack about having the MGW shifter installed. I explained to them the aftermarket shifter should not affect movement inside the transmission vs. the stock unit. It took some talking but eventually they agreed.

    I should note they reinstalled the rear support backwards the first time around. The car wouldn't shift into any forward gear (reverse, 1st, 3rd, 5th). Purely out of luck I was in the area and went into the shop. I talked the mechanic into rotating the rear MGW shift support 180 degrees and all the sudden the new transmission worked fine. While I don't expect the mechanic to know how to install an aftermarket part they were ready to pull the new trans out of the car. I would have tried a few things (like what we did) prior to making that move. A little weary of their expertise....
  4. Wow, keep quiet and accept the surprising largesse and lack of hassle they are offering up here. It was a month long fight to get Ford to just repair my extant MT82, no replacement, after it started whining out of nowhere at a couple thousand miles. It has held together without issue since, other than a little minor gear rattle and clutch noise at low speed it didn't have before.
  5. TT5.0ca I'm sorry to hear that. Where are you located? I was told by my local dealer in SoCal that this is one of the only manual 5.0s they have seen. It seems most people buy automatics due to traffic and whatnot. It's probably working to my advantage they don't have a ton of people with modded cars coming in with transmission issues.

    That being said when I originally talked to the dealer whom I ordered the car through on the east coast I was met with some much more harsh resistance. If you're anywhere nearby me maybe you should go through my dealership.
  6. Oh, I'm in another whole country from you but, thanks. I consider the problem solved, the noises now are minor and can be easily driven around with competent handling. The list of bits they had to replace inside the box was quite extensive and verified my claim to them that something was definitely not right. I told them it was an input shaft bearing failure and that proved correct upon disassembly. The frag from that took out everything else that was busted.
  7. What frustrates me the most is the fact the transmission proved to be the weak link. Knowing how many Mustang owners drive their cars hard I can only imagine the issues. I'd consider myself the occasional weekend warrior when it comes to the level of abuse the car sees (which is very minimal). The transmission should be able to withstand much more then it does. Prior to moving my car made 420hp and 395ft lbs on a dynojet. After moving to Cali and retuning for 91 octane I'm assuming those numbers have fallen by 15 or so respectively. The newest transmission has failed with <5k miles on it which tells me Ford has little to no factor of safety built into the transmission. Tisk Tisk.
  8. Well, to put it in perspective, the car has been now, since the rebuild, shot down the track over 100 times, on slicks, full clutch dump launches from 4500-6000 rpm and no problems whatsoever. So, not main-strength weak, just some dodgy QC on outsourced parts in my view.

    I'm in the 11s on the car and driving 439 flywheel horses through the box, according to my times and weight.
  9. Hello 04torktech,

    Sorry for the late response. I just ran across this thread. I see you already got this escalated, and a CSM on your case. Please PM me and keep me updated.

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  10. Thanks I believe I sent you a PM. I only rarely use the forums so my appologies if it came through funny.
  11. Got it, 04torktech! Please send me another one with your VIN.

  12. UPDATE

    Car is still at the dealership in SoCal. Of the two mechanics they had who can replace the MT-82 one was in training and unavailable. Hopefully the car should be ready sometime next week.
    I spoke to a regional service rep from Ford. I wasn't extremely pleased with our conversation. At both the dealership and on the phone with Ford i was getting the vibe they were trying to pass off the issue as "operator error." Although it was never implicitly stated I heard comments like "Are you sure you weren't driving it too hard?" or "In most cases these situations arise from operation of the transmission." Coming from someone who had a 2004 GT making over double the flywheel hp on a stock trans at nearly 100k miles I can assure you my car is babied, low miles, and a quiet daily driver.
    What I want to hear from Ford is first the acknowledgement of the issue. Whether it be regional service rep, maintenance tech, service manager at the dealership, etc. everyone seems completely oblivious to the fact the MT-82 has posed any issues to customers. Second, I would like to know that my new transmission will NOT have the same issues as the last two. When I spoke to the rep I asked for the ability to upgrade to the TR6060 (even if that voided my warranty and I'd assume the cost difference for clutch + new driveshaft). I was told Ford will only replace the equipment which came in the vehicle. However, if that equipment continues to fail there doesn't seem to be a cost savings to Ford and I' surely not happy.
    In the end I'm not looking for a free lunch or to bad mouth Ford. I love my car and that's why I bought it over the Corvette. However, that being said I want to enjoy my car. I'm not an owner with a supercharger, nitrous, or turbo setup that's pushing the limits of the design. I'm a normal user who has a few basic bolt on upgrades (exhaust and intake only) who cannot enjoy his machine because Ford chose to take the cheaper way out on a major item.

    Deysha any new information on your end?
  13. Nothing I can change, 04torktech. I did send you a PM.

  14. I have read many accounts of people unhappy with the manual trans. Sad for such a great car. I would only order one with an automatic.
  15. 5-8-14 Update

    For any of those interested my car is finished. I was told the clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate all were in good condition but metallic pieces were noticed when the trans fluid were changed. I have had an overall good time dealing with Ford Service and customer relations.

    That being said there has been no discussion as to the root of the problem or any plans for this future. At this rate Ford will just to continue to apply bandaids to the problem in the form of replacing the transmission. While that may seem to be a good thing to some people I hate driving a car which I am in constant fear of breaking. I've made it known that I'd like to hear confirmation from Ford on this issue as to any future efforts to fix it. In addition I've talked about the idea of upgrades or swaps which could fix the problem for good.

    Ford hasn't seemed to interested in the latter routes.
  16. Have you considered a Barton Two Post Shifter bracket?

    It kind of sounds like the behavior you're describing in the original post may be the culprit of the stock shifter bracket. (pictured below)

    Yup, those are indeed zip ties you are seeing.

    The Barton video can explain it better than I can:

    But essentially their shifter bracket prevents the deflection that occurs which in turn "locks you out" from being able to shift into gear.

    View attachment 115731 This is a pic of the stock bracket in place:

    This is the Barton Two Post Bracket:

    I can tell you from experience that it makes a WORLD of difference after the two post bracket is installed. (read all happy reviews on as well)

    With all that being said, I urge you caution if you choose to install this based on your previous interactions with the dealerships.

    Good luck!
  17. While I appreciate your input I already have an MGW shifter installed. In my opinion that's the BEST option when it comes to installing an aftermarket shifter/bracket.

    This discussion is more surrounding the internal portion of the tranmission. The shifter and bracket were a huge money saving decission which I full heartedly agree can easily be improved on. Unfortunately the internals of the tranmission should have been made to a higher standard. A broken or chipped countershaft should not be the result of 5k street miles.

    Simply put it's unnacceptable. Ford should offer a FRPP rebuild kit with better components available to purchase and it should be warrantied! C'mon guys.
  18. "Shifter" and "Bracket" are not interchangeable words. The MGW shifter does nothing to prevent the transmission from moving around underneath the car which is exactly what the Barton Shifter Bracket is designed to do.

    The Barton Shifter Bracket does not replace your MGW shifter, it works in tandem with it.
  19. I have to beg to differ with you here. The mgws rear shifter brace does limit the amount the shifter/ trans can move with respect to the body. Keep in my since both are moving with different amplitude a completely stiff piece would
    Not be ideal. In my opinion the shifter bracket is not the limiting factor when it comes to the shifters compliance. That comes from the stock bracing and bushings (both of which the meg replaces).
  20. Why would you use a Barton bracket with an MGW? The MGW includes a really nice bracket as apart of the kit.