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  1. Hello All,

    First I want to thank you all for all of the input that you contribute to this board. I read many of the post that are placed here, and enjoy what you all have to say. I bought a 2001 Gt new, and now I want to put some Saleen replica wheels on it. I can not afford to put the authentic Saleen wheels, so I have to settle for the replicas. There is an E-bay company in Houston, Texas that sells replicas. Do any of you know if these wheels are any good? From who would you buy a replica wheel from???

    I also want know about what size to get. I drive about 40 miles each way, to and from work. I was thinking about getting 18X9s front and back, or maybe put some 10s on the back. What are the original Saleen offsets, and do replicas havet the same offset? I am also thinking about how I am going to rotate the tires...

    In addition, I will be putting tires on these rims. Since I drive quite a few miles each day, what do you all think would be the best set of 18s to put on these rims. I would need a good all weather tire.

    I really want to get a setup that looks great and that is very fuctional, since this car is my primary driver.

    Thanks in advance for helping me make the rigt choice.
  2. Welcome to the boards.

    IMHO, the replicas are a better overall wheel compared to the "Authentic Saleen" wheel, with comparisons to chrome finish, overall structure and warrany of the wheel itself.

    I personally went with the 18x9 and 18x10 set-up, as I did want to put a 295 in the rear. I am running 265/35/18 and 295/35/18 BFD KDW2's, which I will reccomend to anyone looking for a new tire. The BFG's are unmatched. Since you drive the vehicle everyday, I woudl reccomend, the 18x9's all the way around and a good 265/35/18 BFG, so that you can rotate them and get the most life out of the tire. Again, IMHO.

    BTW, good to see a fellow San Antonian posting on here.

    See ya, MY281
  3. Since you asked for actual offsets here they are.

    Authentic Saleen 18x9's 99-04 style wheel ( the wheels replicas knock off )
    the front Saleen wheel has a 25 mm offset. The Saleen 18x9 rear wheel has a 12 mm offset so it fills up the wheel well more ( closer to the edge of the fender ).

    The 18x9 replica's are 24 mm all around. Few guys run the same size tire front and rear even with the 18x9's all the way around so simply rotating won't do unless you go 18x9 replicas all around but you will (train track) look the rear. Also, you don't need a keen eye to catch the replica's from behind because the wheels are all the same offset.

    Saleen's real 18x9 front wheel has a 25mm offset so you can't tell the difference from the front.

    If I were you and want to go replicas, go 9's and 10's. The replica 10' rear wheel offset is 22mm. The rear Saleen 18x10 has a 30mm offset. I can still tell from the rear if it's a replica or not but most wont notice. The replica actually sticks out just a hair more to the complete edge of the rear wheel well. Run a 295 on the rear and you will be happy. Don't waste your time with 9's all the way around. The chrome on the replicas are WAY better than Saleen's chrome. I have heard about the same amount of failure from both the replicas and Saleens wheels for cracks so just go for it.
  4. I haven't tried the replicas yet but that's my next step. Deep dish chrome Bullitts. Saleen quality = :notnice:
  5. I want to get some white 18x10's to replace my 18x9's so i can run a wider tire. Honestly, i dont want to spend $400 on real saleens and then another $200 getting them powdercoated white. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper to just buy the white replicas for $159 each. I know they wouldnt be original anymore, but what do you guys think? Do you think the paint would match the front saleens and would the saleen centercaps from my current rims fit with the replicas? :shrug:
  6. The centercaps will fit unless you have the 99-00 wheels. Don't worry and just get the replicas. Only you will know that they are not real unless someone goes looking for the stamp below the spoke.
  7. My dos centavos...

    As stated in another tire related thread, I'd recommend the BFG G-Force Sport. I've had them on both my SVT Contour & now my wife's Focus sedan.

    They're hella inexpensive for an ultra-high performance tire & they perform very well in both wet & dry conditions. Plus they have a comfortable ride & are not overly noisy like their predecessor the KDW.

    Another tire you might also consider is the Falken Azenis ST115 which has the same attributes as the BFG Sport.
  8. Here's a poll for you, you live in TX so I'm sure you don't need ALL weather
  9. SyberSaint, I have a set of the ebay replicas, 18X9 on all four. Unless you have a real Keen eye, and are VERY well versed in Saleen etc. you will NEVER notice the difference in how the 9 vs the 10 sit in the rear. Also Unless your big into performance you'll never notice a 9 vs a 10 on the rear. In a nutshell it's just easier in my opinin, to go all 9's and not worry about it. There is also an Ebay company that sells the Saleen Center caps for about 40 bucks. As everyone else mentions the replicas are actually better chrome than the Saleens. So here's the best scenario:

    1) Buy the replicas
    2) Go with 9's all the way around
    3) Get the Saleen caps from Ebay (if that matters to you)
    3) If you want to rotate them go with tire size 265/35/18's
    4) If you want looks and traction, go 295/35/18 rear 265/35/18 front

    Lastly heres my car with the #4 (above) tires sizes and the replica wheels.