Reply Here if your LOW Coolant Light has come on!

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Reply Here if your low coolant light has come on...

  1. Without any reasonable explanation

  2. Came on, but I found a SPECIFIC reason (leak, etc)

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  1. Reply Here if your LOW Coolant Light has come on .........

    So far this winter, and you dont know why, or dont see any noticeable leaks. This happens every year to a few guys with no explanation. Mine did it last year, but has not been cold enough down here to come on yet. I just want to take a survey and see how many guys this happens to. I may have to try to keep this thread alive for at least a month to give people a chance to see if this happens.
  2. Clean the sensor, it probably has crap all over it.
  3. Please enlighten me on where this sensor would be at. A picture would be VERY helpful. But yes, ill be the first to admit that that low coolant light makes me cry at times because i have no reason why. not a drop of fluid on the ground. :bang:

  4. its in the reservoir. mine didnt turn off after cleaning. i fixed the useless light by pulling the prongs out of the sensor. my low coolant light hasnt come on since. :D
  5. oops, i already replied in that other thread, but oh well...

    mine comes on when its cold out (about 4-5 times this winter so far)... each time there is no real reason for it... there is plenty of coolant...
  6. Mines really weird, I see fluid on the ground but when I jack up the car I can find no leaks anywhere, no traces of leaks anywhere, everything is sealed up tight all freshly redone when I put my fluidyne in not 4 months ago. So, I have no idea where its comin from but its not much, I have to top off the resivor every month or so.
  7. Mine goes on often and I never see anything on the ground. I do have to fill it back up about once a month. We got in there and saw a possible explanation for this, my water pump needs to be replaced. :mad: There is a little amount of antifreeze that settles, then burns off, thus why we never see any drips (the leak or whatever isnt bad enought yet to be too noticeable). We're going to replace the waterpump and then maybe even add a cam!!!
  8. I am in the same boat with sexy. I can smell coolant when the car reaches temp so i think it is seeping from the water pump and then burning off. I have a pump in the garage just need to get off my lazy arse!
  9. mine did last winter...but not yet this winter.....last winter was pretty go to start my car and warm it up before leaving work....and when i went to leave i could see a puddle....but it would only drip till the car got up to temp....then stop....but i did have to fill the bottle a couple times last winter.....ill get back to ya if it starts happening this winter....

  10. Yours may be from the reservoir drain hose (check location)

    For those of you smelling or seein fluid, those are obvious leaks. Im referring to the "mystery" coolant light when it gets cold out.

    Roger's solution works well!
  11. Mine does, but it always seems the resevior just need a little more, one time I did have to clean the sensor and that worked. I just always figured with how many times I pull that stuff apart that I never got it completely full with coolant.
  12. Happens to me every other month or so. Winter, Summer, doesn't matter. The coolant level actually drops low enough in the reservoir to make the light come on, so it should be coming on.

    The mystery is that I can't find a coolant leak. Nothing ever shows on the floor in the garage. I can't find a hose leaking anywhere. No indication on the water pump that it is leaking. No indication or discoloration on the radiator anywhere to indicate that it is leaking. System holds pressure. It has me completely stumped!

    I'd really like to know if anyone with this problem and no apparent cause has figured this out.
  13. Every time I start my car, after it sits over night, my light comes on. I can drive it for about 5 miles or so and kill the car, restart it, and it has gone off. I am not driving it right now because I am working on a bunch of things so I can't tell you about winter time and the sensor.

  14. Mine only comes on when the coolant resevoir tank is low (usually only in summer). However, when I used to get my coolant flushed/filled from Ford, it always came on within a few minutes of leaving the dealership cause they didn't run the car long enough for the new coolant to circulate through the whole system. Just added a little more and no problem.

    It did come on one other time, but I quickly found out that I was real low on coolant due to the massive river of coolant that flowed behind my car while pulling into my driveway last year. Ouch! Had to replace the water pump and no problems since. In fact, the stang runs a slight bit cooler and cools down a bit quicker than before on really hot days in traffic.
  15. the answer for this is simple. before you start the car look in the overflow tank. you will see that the coolant level may have disapated below the full cold line. the sensor is just below that line. so when you start the car the sensor does not sense any coolant and the light trips. now the light will stay on until you turn off the car even if you take out the sensor and submerge it in liquid. the reason why it is not on when you restart the car is because the tank has filled up to the full hot line or just below it if you are missing some coolant. this means that the liquid has expanded or filled up enough in the tank to reach the sensor. if you just add a little coolant while the car is cold up to the full cold line then this problem will go away.
  16. Hey i have a fluidyne too and i noticed the same thing just like one or two small drips after a whole night of sitting there. check the drain the part where it screws into the radiator. Its just metal screwing into metal and i found that a tiny bead of coolant would ever so slowly leak from there and collect then drip. I wrapped it with teflon tape and it never leaked again :banana:
  17. oops that was me not my friend
  18. Mine only does it about once a month, without any regularity or pattern.
  19. Mine was terrible last summer. I finally found a small crack at the top under the bracket holding the resevoir in. I switched it out with a used on from the salvage yard... little cutting required on the cap nozzle and it fit just right... solved my problem of the disappearing liquid. :nice:

    My car has sat for a couple of months while we were moving and it's been snowing and crap. I just moved it the other day. (Stupid cop knocked on my door at 7:30 am to tell me I couldn't park the stang in my front yard just off the driveway -- it was touching the sidewalk.)

    Anyway, when I moved it, the Low Coolant light was on again. :bang:
  20. Mine used to come on every month or two, back when my T-stat housing was leaking. And it came on when my radiator decided to burst open and die.

    When it first started to get cold, the light came on for apparently no reason. That was back in late Nov and I drove it like that until probably mid-December, which was probably about a thousand miles. For the first couple of weeks, it would come on when I first started the car but not later when I was leaving school to come home. Then it just stayed on all the time. I added some water to the reservoir and it went away, and strangely enough the car ran a little better once the light went away. It mainly sounded smoother and throatier at idle. I guess I'll just have to see if it comes back. :shrug: