Reply Here if your LOW Coolant Light has come on!

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Reply Here if your low coolant light has come on...

  1. Without any reasonable explanation

  2. Came on, but I found a SPECIFIC reason (leak, etc)

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  1. One of the guys on here told me to re-torque the bolts on my lower intake,and so far that seems to have done the trick. I had a small rust stain on the block itself where it looked like it was leaking down behind the water pump. Hope this keeps up.
  2. I guess this seems to be a more common problem then people thought.!
  3. I'm getting the same indication this cold season here, as mentioned in a few other threads before. I'm a stickler for proper fluid levels, so I check my vitals every week or so. My coolant is always at FULL COLD before I start-up, but Tuesday night, we had temps around 15*F and winds 20-35MPH here and sure enough, I got in the car after sitting all day at work, and LOW COOLANT. Just needed a little, about an inch below the line when I checked.

    But mind you, this was on the coldest day this winter season yet. It's really weird, it's been going on since I got the car, new Fluidyne radiator, new Stant rad. cap, new hoses, new water pump, thermostat, flush/fill new coolant, etc. System pressurizes good too!

    No white smoke, no leaks, but where did it go?!

  4. What happened to mine was that there was a small crack in the plastic tanks that are connected to the aluminum core. Over time the bond between the two corroded causing the 'mysterious' coolant loss.
  5. i think it has to do with something contracting in the cold weather and maybe sucking some coolant into the engine thus draining it fron the tank and tripping the sensor. they should have added and extra line that read full when very cold:)