1. Shawn, my pit can take yours. :chair:
  2. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  3. I'm half asian, but my other car is an integra, so I guess one car represents my asian side, and my mustang is my white side. But, I only bought the integra for gas mileage, so I can't really say it represents me, since it wasn't my first choice in cars like the mustang was. What's wierd is that everyone thinks I'm mexican and I have to hispanic in me at all.
  4. has anyone noticed the pets people like look similar to them :p
  5. yeah, my friend looks just like his pug
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. My car can take yours!

  8. My cat can take both of your pitbull's at the same time.....she's a real ho
  9. Wanna bet!!! :D
  10. Still waiting on those pictures...
  11. yeah yeah iknow honey haha im at work and my pictures are at my best friends house but as soon as i get down there they will be sent i swear and i am no 45 year old im 20 haha but we need to get the guest list ready lol imma start shopping for my dress bye bye boys
  12. i can see it now in front of the church there will be like 94837938 mustangs hahaha and it will be utterchaos when everyone goes to leave, how fun!
  13. Drunken mustang party afterwards woohoo. Oh the preacher is gonna be pissed with all the burn outs in front of teh church lol
  14. Now that would be a wedding!!!
  15. :banana: :nice: :banana: :nice:
  16. we think so much alike arent we perfect for each other!!!! hahaha
  17. Yes we do.

    I'm still waiting for those picture though... but no rush. It's only beel like A YEAR!
  18. send :D old, but sent, enjoy lol let me know if you still want to get married or not hahaha
  19. You sure you sent them? I'll PM you my other email address.
  20. okay sent again honey