1. Jealousy abounds.....I wanna be asian....but I guess Irish'll have to do....

    Any girls like Irish guys? I drink alot.....

    On the note about a bunch of mustangs leaving one event...this summer I had the joy of pulling out of a downtown import car show festival that had all the roads blocked off.....I was with about a dozen other mustang's....the police pulled over 3 or so ricers that had sped out of the place....

    every mustang lit the tires up leaving that place, and the only thing we got from the local authorities was the odd remark like....."that's all you got?" It's not like we were ripping like lunatics, but we were letting the crowd know that we were blessed with rear wheel drive and a gob of torque

    Gotta love how mustang guys get a whole different book of laws in some places
  2. Nice pics. :nice:
  3. Now you must share them. :D
  4. It is up to her. :D
  5. The big smile and the thumbs up, must mean the wedding is still on woohoo, haha :D those arent my best pictures ill post better ones for all to see when i get them but at least now you know im not a 45 year old man named Ralph er w/e haha. but now you must send me other pictures, i just seen that one. . byebye honeydarling
  6. no way, man. this started as a joke, but now it seems to me that it's getting serious.

    a sh i zload of mustangs at you all's wedding... wouldn't that be a foken site! you could walk through a cloud of smoked tires.
  7. oh **** she wants to see what your packing lol
  8. Hey stallion, you best be packing like stallion to keep a hot girls attention. Share the pics man, don't be stingy.
  9. Why do you want to see what he's packing? lol you must be gay I was totally right on my thoughs of you
  10. YOu brought it up, ass.lol
  11. Ahh yes, it all comes out now...poor Nacho, it's alright, things like this are okay in today's society
  12. NO it's not alright. NOt just you couple of queers are, doesn't mean everyone else around you is. lol. Aaron, I've seen it in the pics you post, YOU'RE A BLOWN OUT FLAMING ***. lol
  13. hahahahahahahaha

    My roommates always wonder why i'm always laughing in my room by myself....

    This site is definitely the most hilarious thing I do during my days
  14. You laugh by yourself cause you remember your gay moments. You gays are so funny.

  15. hehe, you laugh alone... kinda like your sex life--alone.


    refer to FWIW thread
  17. takes too long, just post it woman!!
  18. huh post what? im really confused now haha
  19. damn i miss a lot while i'm at work
  20. oh **** i'jm drunk right now, this **** is ****ing hillarious!