Repro Glass Tinting, Bolt Vs Glue In

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  1. I am looking into replacing the glass in my 69. It has the original glue in door glass with the light green tint.

    1st question, has anybody purchased the reproduction glass? How does it fit and look?

    2nd, Are there any advantages to bolt in glass vs glue in glass?

    My biggest issue is that even though the windows roll up fairly nicely, there is a lot of slop in the linkages, even with new regulators and this causes rattling while driving which is really annoying.

    And third, Does anyone know what the "SMOKE" tint looks like? I'm assuming this is a black colored tint instead of the green tint.

    If anyone has pictures of the Smoke tint installed, I would really like to see how they look.

    And lastly, I have found all the hardware, bushings, plastic sliders, and the vertical guide rods. I have not seen any of the tracks. If I were to be installing windows inside of a brand new door shell, what else would I need?

  2. 70 bolt in is way better. the 69 will eventualy fall out . i havn't used the new glass yet but i will soon. you will need the 4 lower mounting plates and the regulators for a 70. i think i saw the plates in Mustangs Unlimited. i am planing on going with electric regulators when i do mine.
  3. Same here, I have been eying the Nu Relics power window conversion. Figure I may as well get rid of my scratched up glass a the same time.
  4. i pretty well need all the glass . i have the front and rear but it is to scratched
    for me .nothing fits like the carlite windshield does and that is what i will probably use but i will use all the new glass every where else.
  5. Converting to the 70 style is the only way to go. Dynacorn makes the most complete kit available,, we are very impressed with it. We use the smoked aftermarket glass in all of our builds, and it fit perfect. I always use a Carlite W/S though.
  6. Most complete kit? Are there more parts than the 4 brackets per door? I was Loooking at CJPonyParts conversion kit and it's just the 8 brackets.

    Would love to see some pics of those cars with the smoke glass.
  7. This kit comes complete with everything including the guides, stops and all nuts and bolts plus the brackets are even powered coated in silver. This is what we used last time and now sell. Also, two pics attached of the tinted glass.

    IMG_2834.JPG IMG_1838 - Copy.JPG IMG_9227 - Copy - Copy.jpg IMG_2834.JPG IMG_1838 - Copy.JPG IMG_9227 - Copy - Copy.jpg