Resto-Mod or Stock

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Stock or Resto-Mod! What do you own?

  1. Stock

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  2. Resto-Mod

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  3. Both

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  1. Why would that signal the need for more forums? Our 73 is going the restomod route for a few reasons-the main one being that the entire car is in such bad shape that there won't be alot left that is original. Since that's the case, we decided to go ahead and make her an Eleanor (1974 version of Gone), and with that came a motor change to a 351w (as per the Gone website) and an interior color change. A friend just offered to make a roll cage (we hadn't actually planned on that part), although we aren't going so far as to skin the entire car like Halicki did!

    That said, I have learned a few things from one of the main proponants of Stock as a Rock, Superdave. Why split the forums more? The v6 forums aren't broken into stock vs modded, why should the classics forums be?
  2. a combo of the two

    Chepie is a hybrid of both, modern underpinnings, but the attempt to retain a stock appearance outside and underhood!
  3. I'm with ya there Chepsk8! The early Stangs were so damn good looking from the factory there is little need to change the appearance. Although I have modified my exterior through the use of Shelby style fiberglass, the only mods on my 67 deluxe interior is the Autometer gauges and rollbar. All appearance mods I've done that are non factory are for performance not JUST appearance.
  4. I think you misunderstood what I said. I mentioned that this is already a restomod forum. I inferred there is no need to split it. Just look at the votes...
  5. I'm keeping the appearance (with some very subtle changes such as smoothing in the rear fender extensions). I changed the interior to Pony without the fake wood (the door handles now have leather inserts). And the park brake is now on the floor where it belongs. But underneath - it's a whole different story. 5.0 HO EFI, 5-speed (with stock-looking shifter), dropped one inch all around, Torque Thrust D wheels, 4-wheel disk brakes boosted by a hotrod booster and Corvette m/c, Grenada front disks, Seville rears. 2 1/2 inch pipes and turbos from Flowmaster headers. I've been building for 4 years, owned the car (originally a 6 cyl 3-speed) since 1967. And, incidentally, I'm 62 years old and enjoying retirement so I can spend time on the Mustang - and my sailboat.

    That's probably more than you wanted to know. But I say it's up to the individual. I've seen beautiful stock ones, and beautiful restomods.
  6. I'm not one for radical changes like shaving door handles and such, but lowered a bit, with fat tires and a little more HP is just fine with me.