Restomod for my Dad

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  1. Hey, I'm here in South Arkansas and I am looking for a 65-70 model to Restomod for my dad. We worked on a 56 F-100 together when I was a teen and had a great time, now I'd like to recapture that and any help locating one would be greatly appreciated.:nice:
  2. How much are u lookin to spend. I know where a 67 coupe is in perfect shape to restore. The guy has threatened to sell it a couple times but I don't know if he would
  3. The cars can run from $500.00 to $5,000 up here in the northeast they are all project cars I think we corner the market in sheetmetal parts here. over the past year I have seen alot and while in the shop I saw even more craigslist is good local swap meets are great for leads to cars. I wish you luck in your quest... Thank you for you kind words for my daughter's service to our country.
  4. That's an awesome idea. Great father/son time. I'll keep my ear to the ground.