Restomod or New Mach1

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  1. Well I have been contemplating buying a new Mach 1 since the car started production, but I just haven't been able to justify the new car sticker shock. I was also looking at 5.0 coupes. In the mean time, I ran across a good 65 I-6 coupe with minimal rust for $500. It doesn't currently run, but would make an excellent restomod. I figure swapping in a 5.0 with T-5, a new rearend, and disc brakes would make a pretty cool weekend warrior. What do ya'll think?
  2. Depends on how much of a project car you want. The 66 sounds like it needs a lot of work. And by the time you get done with it you might have been able to pay for the Mach.

    If it were me, I would get the Mach. But I'm also at the point where I'm tired of having a project car.

  3. If you are looking for a daily driver, the Mach 1 is the CLEAR winner.
    My Bullitt is sooooo much fun to drive, I've considered selling the '68 to putt a blower and Griggs suspension on it.

    If you are looking for a toy, put a 351W or 408W in that '65. :D
  4. This would be a second vehicle not a daily driver. I had a 63 Fairlane in highschool so I know the downside to driving an old car every day.

    As far as the swap and other work... If the car had a 2barrel v8 it would still require brake upgrades and a tranny swap. The rearend would at least need a rebuild and the suspension would still need to be reworked so I don't really see that much of a difference. I don't think the buildup will cost $25,000.

    If I get a Mach 1 then I have to trade or sell my current daily driver ('00 Celica GTS - 32 mpg). Plus, the new model will be out in 6 months so i am really confused.

    Tooooooo many choices :nice: Is a good thing!!
  5. Well, are you looking for a project, or a ready to drive, done car? I decided on both (my ready to drive was less than half the price of a Mach though, otherwise, it would have been project only-no ready to drive fun car!!). I love the new Mach (and the 99+ sn95's in general). Are you looking for something to just cruise in, or something that needs to be ready to go when you want/need it to? Even the best restomod is still a 30+ year old car, with 30+ year old car issues. Are you looking to hit the show/cruise night scene? The newer models can get some flack when appearing there (I get it sometimes with my 00. But I also get a lot of compliments-maybe partly because it's an unusual color-people don't realise they are looking at a 99.9% stock v6. And some people-including some judges-just love the car). At the same point, not everyone is gonna love your car all the time anyway, just be aware that if that is the plan, you WILL get atleast "the look" from someone. In the end, it's up to you. If you have the space, time & money, why not go the route we took? Pick up the 65, stash it away and buy parts as cash flow allows while enjoying the awesome new Mach?
  6. You mention nothing of your mechanical skills, tools, time availablity, etc. that would be critical to a retomod project. Care to elaborate? :shrug:
  7. ....not sure why there are those who just assume an "old" Mustang can't be a reliable, comfortable daily driver as well as weekend warrior. The aftermarket has certainly revamped it's thought process on what classic car owners are wanting from their vehicle and everything from plush interiors to modern suspensions to overdrive trannys is out there for the restomod crowd. It is doable to have the best of both worlds...but dedication, skill and money will of course come into play. Whether or not it will cost that of a new Mach 1 will depend on many variables.

    The Mach 1 is a neat car, I should know, I like the ol' school throwback shaker and so forth and with the rebates offered right now from Ford one could be had for a good price, so IMO I don't see a bad choice either way.
  8. Thanks for the input! :nice:

    As for skills and tools... I test automotive interior parts... assemble and destroy instrument panels, doors, airbags, etc.
    I have basic hand tools and some airtools. I did all of my own work on the 92 5.0... mostly bolt on parts, ran a code scanner, replaced O2 sensors once etc... The bigest project on that car was rear disc brakes. Used the stainless steel kit, it turned out ok except for the parking brake. It required welding which I don't do.

    So I can handle a lot of the interior work myself with the exception of the headliner. I have heard that they are a PIA. I am not too scared of ripping into the suspension and brakes... been there done that on the 5.0. I have some friends who can help with the engine and tranny install... one of these guys put a 5.0 in a RX-7 so putting a 5.0 in a Mustang should be no sweat.
  9. The new Mach is cool.
    I'm holding out to see what happens with the '05.
  10. Anyone can go buy a new car. Build the restomod and be original. Later on down the road you will have something. If you want a fast car, build it. Atleast you can say that you put it together, not Ford. Just my opinion.
  11. If you have the space, and its a second car, I say go for the restomod. Especially given what you do, it would be a lot more satisfying. Plus, you wouldn't have to lay out that big chunk of cash at the beginning.......keeping you from staying up late at night wondering why you did it. If you get the Mach 1, all you'll do is drive it. With the restomod, you get to engineer it and improve it piece by piece. You'll get to decide how much money you feel like spending on it in increments.