Restomod Suspension Setup Advice

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  1. Hello everyone! I am just beginning my restomod on my 67 coupe and have no idea which suspension to pick. I've researched extensively the different combinations and have narrowed it down to a few choices. I am looking for anyone with specific experience with each of these. Before throwing in a 600 hp crate engine and tremec 5 spd, i want to make sure the frame, suspension, brakes, steering and rearend are all accounted for first. My big concern is that the car will last. I bought this as my first car when i was 17 and now at the age of 35, finally have the money to do it right. Here's the two possible combos ive come up with.

    DSE front suspension with Street or Track 3 link rear
    Schwartz Performance frame using their installed rear end

    If using the DSE and StreetorTrack, i would be interested in bracing the frame using torque boxes, subframe connectors etc. When adding up the price for front end components, rear end set up, disc brakes and rack and pinion steering, i will be near the price of a full Schwartz performance frame. Problem is, i have no experience with either. I have heard nothing but great things about DSE and really believe the StreetorTrack rear end is a quality piece. I have no clue about the handling properties of the Schwartz. Also my neck is hurting from the back and forth war of people saying cutting the shock towers is bad/good for performance.

    I don't care about bling i don't care about people going ooh and ahh. I want the best car i can build that i'll enjoy for the next 50 years. This car might see the track once or twice ever, will see the strip a few times but will mostly be a street warrior. ANY advice will be greatly appreciated. I've really enjoyed reading all of the valuable advice on this forum and wanted to start here since there are so many knowledgeable users! Thanks to all!
  2. ok given what you seem to want, here is my advice for the chassis and suspension;


    good quality sub frame connectors. you want weld in connectors with .120 or .125 wall tubing, square tubing is best.
    add to that something that is like the extreme matrix brace, and jacking rails that kenny brown sells for fox body mustangs. the jacking rail reinforces the inner rocker panel, and the extreme matrix brace ties the inner rocker panel and the sub frame connectors together. this makes for a very stiff chassis. you can go even stiffer if you add a center brace along with a drive shaft loop.


    in front you want either the 540lb springs if you are running a small block, 620sare optional but ride quality degrades somewhat. reinforce the upper and lower control arms, opentracker racing products has the braces you need. i would also go with a spherical bearing in the lower control arm with adjustable strut rods. add to that roller spring perches and your favorite shocks.

    the rear is where you are going to get your best results depending on what you choose for a rear suspension. a good triangulated four link along with a proper coil over shock works real nice. you want a rear spring rate to be around 200-220lb/in, and you want the coil overs to be adjustable for best tuning results. in the rear a solid bushing at one end of each control arm with a spherical bearing at the other end gives great control without suspension bind, and eliminates the need for a panhard bar, assuming a triangulated four link.

    another rear suspension that is very effective is the truck arm suspension used on sprint cup cars. two long angled trailing arms solidly mounted to the rear end with coil springs and a panhard bar make for a real nice rear suspension. this suspension though does allow the engine torque to hit the tires hard especially coming out of the corners.

    sways 1" front 3/4" adjustable rear, this way you can tune the rear bar to get the right set up for the car. dont forget the shelby mod for the upper front arms.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'll look into your advice, I just wanted to post on the forums first and research as much as I can before pulling the trigger! Are you familiar with any of the companies I have listed? Thanks again!
  4. they all have pretty good reputations in regards to quality of product. since i have no direct workings with them i cant tell you about their customer service though.
  5. My buddy got a complete rear end setup (no suspension) for his car with 575hp from Moser Engineering, that's kickass. They're pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for (a bullet proof street/track rear end ) when it comes to this company. Check them out, search around the site and see if there's something you like.
  6. After crunching some numbers, the DSE kit just doesn't make sense. I wont get brakes included and i just cant justify spending that much. Any thoughts on the TCI front end? I'm still liking the Street or Track setup for the rear though