RESTORE engine additive

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  1. ANyone ever tried this 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' its supposed to rebuild compression and 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' ..... does it work
  2. omg u cant even say 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'
  3. gggggaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh S. H. I. T. !!!!!!! :bang:
  4. i dont know, there was a thread about additives a while ago. most things that were said were to stay away from stuff that is stop leak and anything with paraffin because it will clog up stuff. i put a bottle of that restore stuff in my car and didnt really notice anything. im taking to valve covers off and intake off this weekend so well see if its nasty underneath.
  5. I've seen the "kissme' thing in a couple of posts... wtf is with that?
  6. I used restore when i worked at a car lot on my bosses cadillac. It seemed to work. The oil change that he didn't use it in the car didn't run well and it got it's oil leak back so i don't know if the car got addicted to it or what but it seemed to work ok.
  7. They should call it Kiss me goodbye. Its not going to rebuild compression, if it says that it will stay away from it. Rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, it ususally is. Our 10 year old daughter was playing with the Lucas oil treatment display, you know the one with the plastic gears inside? She says to me, "I know how they do that, they put syrup in that one" and pointed at the one with Lucas. Now would you put syrup, or something with the same consistency in your motor?
  8. the product is called kiss me?
  9. Yeah, WTH is up with this "kiss me" stuff? I've seen it in a couple of posts.
  10. I don't believe in oil additives, excepting one. Lucas oil stabilizer. In my personal use and my buddies use we've noticed reduced oil consumption, reduced oil leaking, and it solved my ticking lifter when my truck was cold. I use it in every oil change on my tractors as well, that stuff just doesn't break down lol.
  11. additives are not your friend!
  12. Found out that the "kissme" thing is the new word filter... for example

    s.h.i.t = 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'
  13. It will work great, but only if you install a tornado at the same time.
  14. Ya that tornado gives you 25hp and better fuel economy! :bang:
  15. I used the restore in my old honda, because it had tons of blow by and smoked like a ****. It cut down on both, but only until I changed the oil.
  16. use it if your motor has nothing to lose. if it's in decent shape, fix the problem.
    good luck.
    and in the past i have used it. i didnt notice "kiss me." :)
  17. 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'
  18. ok I get it now!
  19. I used it in my old 89 Ranger w/175k miles on it. It ran ok before I put it in. Then after, it actually did restore a some power. The truck ran GREAT after that. But never tried it in my Stang.
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