Restore/smoked taillights for my '95 Cobra courtesy of our very own 95steedamustang!!!

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  1. Even though I spent a pretty penny on the repaint for the Cobra, the nonetheless screwed up heavily when they painted and smoked my stock tails. I had pictures, but I deleted them. :oops: Anyway, suffice to say that they masked them all wrong to the point of being very obvious in the final product. The guy who painted them also used the VHT nightshades and told me he had never used it before. He ended up spraying too many coats, leaving them so dark that I was afraid to drive the car at night or with the sun behind me for fear that someone would rear end me and get their insurance to say that I was at fault because of the dark taillights.

    After seeing 95steedamustang 's build thread and his awesome taillights, I sent him a PM and asked if he would be willing to redo my tails if I shipped them to him. He agreed, and about two months later, they look even better than new. I had been running '96-'98 tails, so I'm happy to have the originals back on. Everything is as it should be. :)

    Anyway, I took the opportunity of being off today to wash the car, clean up the wheels, and install my newly-restored taillights!


    Here's some other pics I took today...

    Back home in the sorry little German excuse for a garage that's really just a tiny concrete box. How undignified.
    Here's what a German tag looks like if you're curious. This is the smaller version designed for cars like ours whose license plate mounting areas are horizontally challenged.
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  2. This is the typical kind of car you see running around in Germany and Europe in general.

  3. Sweet looking Cobra! Pretty neat to see a "non-Euro" car, especially a Sn95, cruising around Germany.
  4. I get more looks in that car here than I ever did in the states. It's definitely unique.
  5. I'm sure the 5.0 scares just a few of those Europeans:D
  6. Thanks for the shout out. Glad your happy with the lights. The 94/95 tail lights are at home on there. The concrete box is not fitting of a SN-95 Cobra. Now... we just need some pics of that thing screaming down the Autobahn:cool:
  7. Damn... that thing looks mint... you must get plenty of looks over there driving that...:nice:
  8. I always really liked your sn95. It looks at home with how low it is and the color is smooth. love it!
  9. My advice is to unsmoke them. Smoked tail lights is just an opportunity for a cop to pull you over and give you a ticket.

  10. Cops don't care in Oklahoma. Or in Germany.
  11. Car looks sweet!
  12. Very nice looking SN, and that is very cool to have it over in Germany and not have to wait until you are back in the states to drive it. Looking at your car, and Kevin T-top fox, I am really starting to miss my old cars! I need to get my hood finished so I can at least drive mine too.
  13. I saw your hood thread on the fox forum. I must say I'm impressed! I think the best part will be when you get it done and people ask you where they can buy your hood. That's when you get to tell them you made it yourself. :nice:
  14. Thanks man. I need to get it done so I can drive the car!
  15. Looks awesome :) Have considered doing this on my Rio Red :)