Restoring A 2000 Gt Convertible

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Gary Ugarek, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. The top looks great. Which diff cover did you go with?
  2. yes the top looks great...much better than the insurance replacement I got a couple years ago :-/

  3. Ford Racing Diff cover, sell for about $199 on American Muscle. It was an extra when my Scott Drake cover was having leak issues on my 2013. I ordered another cover and Scott Drake sent me a brand new cover for the 2013 I installed it and that one didn't leak, so I had this one laying around, I also used a lube locker 8.* rear gasket and about 3 quarts of Royal Purple.
  4. I have the FRPP diff cover as well. It came with the gasket and has never given me any trouble. What weight of rear diff fluid did you use? Fluid in mines got around 50xxx on it and its the stock Motorcraft, its due for a change.
  5. I used 75w140 Royal Purple. I had read differing options for the 8.8" rear and finally settled on 75w140
  6. Definitely get that Mach1 if you can. You will love the 4V.

  7. That lube locker gasket is the poop isn't it? It can't be beat for $20 and not having to deal with RTV.
  8. Where did you get the top from? I'm looking to get one for a good price that will fit good.
  9. buickgs_15: I got my top replaced this summer, and the installer sourced it from Electron Top Manufacturing ( Their tops are made in the US. I went with the cloth top, and it is seriously better looking than the OEM vinyl top that had been on the car for 12 years. The installer charged $600 for the top. As I recall, the vinyl one would have been $100 less (could be wrong about that), but I figured I'm going to have the top for a while, so the extra money was worth it.