Restoring Famlies 20th annv mustang conv :D

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  1. The stangs my grandmothers I've driven it over the years, been in it since she bought it at about 35k~ miles. Today she stands at 89k miles and for years (maybe since she bought it) has had various, non troublesome issues - I know the v6 isn't the most powerful engine but I'd bet she delivers nearly the same as new :-D

    About the car
    The automatic transmission shifts slow, chassis flexes A LOT, oil has ran down to "not readable" I herd from oil shop few times & once the trans, actually the guy said it had none and doesn't know how we are driving it (Shifted the same as years ago "slow", and didn't feel differen't after he topped it up :rlaugh:

    So I'm really hoping to get to know this car I've driven for along time and get her back up to date, theres not really any plans to sell but I hope this helps the value of the car but not only $ wise, but to the person who's driven this car for 11 years :rolleyes:

    My goals :nice:
    Service the transmission, possibly outsource to modify the valve er so to get the shifting quicker which I read and knowing auto's, should help the life. I'd also like to get a transmission cooler.

    The headlamps are very dim (Suggestions please) I do know they are horrid because of a sandstorm passing the freeway, isn't there some lamps I could upgrade the look with :)

    Visually the cars great, gets compliments often which is another reason I want to revive the car. The middle brake lamp (No spoiler) seems to get scuffed up too and the sun seems to discolor is, did they fix this or shall we get a new one and spoiler?

    She wants newer style headlamps, spoiler and replace that middle lamp. I'll be doing maintenance(Vac lines, etc)/slight performance modifications(Maybe dual exhaust, etc) and a few extra visual mods - I've owned a few rx7's personally & now a turbo volvo, I've come to appriciate pistons, and this mustang.

    A great ride, very little to improve on, hopefully some of ya have low cost suggestions.

    Currently I'm in need of a good source for what tune up I should ensure has been done till 90/100k miles, I already plan to do all coolant related (Hoses/etc and flush) vac lines, PCV, EGR, seem to be a good start and I'll be renting a ODB reader from a store (Any suggestion?) to find out what that stored code is :D

    time to get searchin :rolleyes: