Restoring My College Mustang, Ideas Please!!

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  1. Hey guys, when i graduated from High School, my parents got me a used '03 mustang gt, and since then I've treated it as any drunken college kid would treat any car. As of last week, here's what it looks like:


    Now that I have a solid career and can provide my car with some TLC, I need ideas for some body work! Maintenance has been kept up to date, its just the body work that I never touched. As of now I'm thinking of ordering the Cobra R front bumper seen here, and a 3" cowl hood seen here. Needless to say, a new left fender, smoked head lights, and smoked fog lights, and probably even a new paint job.

    What do you guys think, will this look alright, or do you all have better ideas? Thanks!!
  2. Do whatever fits what you like. I would look at alot of pictures and get an idea of what I like. There are tons of combinations out there. I decided on the Stage 3 Roush front with the Cobra R hood. Some guys do the 03 04 Cobra bumper and Cobra hoods, some do the 01 Cobra bumpers, Saleen, Roush, etc etc.. BTW the 01 style Cobra bumper is the same as the Cobra R just without the big spoiler piece.

    Yeah, she defenitely needs some TLC... lol but it'll be fun bringing her back to life.
  3. IMO one of the best looks for a SN95.

    My old car...
  4. facebookstang.jpg

    Yes sir.. shots like these were why I picked it. I just need to paint mine still.
  5. Dont get a Cobra R bumper! It looks good from the front but from a side view it does not fit the lines of the car!
  6. IMO either a Roush stage 3 or a 01 Cobra bumper with a 95 Cobra R hood is the best a car can look from the front. Also, I would remove the radio antenna since I have sat radio and it would clean the car up alot. Get the hood painted underneath as well so you don't have to have a blanket under it. Get quality hood struts as well while your at it. I have an OCD with doing things right and over the top the first time. Here is what my old car looked like which is much like those who have posted above: SteedaGT9150 Rejekt

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  7. Just a bit of advice regarding the Cobra R bumper. It s essentially just an 99/01 Cobra front bumper but with the obvious splitter. I have the 01 Cobra front bumper and, although Im lowered, the bumper hangs VERY low. The Cobra R bumper wouldn't last a day on my car. I would suggest the regular 99/01 Cobra bumper and if you need a "little more" to it you could add a Mach 1 chin spoiler for effect.

    Good luck!

    Oh BTW, 00 Cobra R hood FTW

  8. Those are all some sweet ideas and amazing pics! Thanks! Those pics convinced me to go the Roush Bumper/95' Cobra R hood. In addition, I decided I want to repaint my car Sonic Blue, as seen on some Cobras, or as seen here :D Sonicblue.jpg

    I ran into 2 problems along the way...

    1. American Muscle ran out of 95 cobra hoods, and wont be receiving any until late October. Anyone know where else to find some OEM ones?
    2. I went to our go-to body shop, and the guy told us a good sonic blue paint job will run me at around $3,800. I thought that was outrageous. Does anyone see me getting a nice paint job for anything less?
  9. Repainting a car isn't cheap to begin with and then changing colors is that much more. You will have to paint door jams, under the hood, trunk. Basically every part will need to be repainted on the car. Most of the hoods featured above btw are cobra r2000's
  10. HO Fibertrends. That is where a lot of guys, including myself, got their hoods. Excellent prices, excellent service, excellent quality.

    That price sounds about right. I think you're misunderstanding just how much work goes into repainting an entire car and doing it properly. A paint job is not something I'd try to get as cheap as possible.
  11. Yeah, my hood above is an '00 Cobra R hood and I got mine from Boss inc. Nice quality and fit was spot on.

    Defenitely don't cheap out on the paint job. I'm sure if you stay the same color it would lower the cost of the paint job by a nice chunk.
  12. That is the setup I am going with. Just gotta get the hood.
  13. That poor car, take more pictures of it though. So we can see how much better she will look when you finish her.
  14. Alas! She if finally complete! Or at least the main parts! Thank you all who contributed with feedback, my choices were 100% based solely on your ideas! Here ya go!





    And drumroll............................







    (now showing off the dirty engine, only the hood struts :D)



    Still to come, rims, tires, rear bumper!

  15. Looks great so far!!
  16. Anyone know where to buy a rear bumper for a GT that actually has the "mustang" inserts?
  17. looks good but for the love of god clean that engine bay
  18. Yeah I'm looking for a place to get a good engine wash :shrug:
  19. Do it yourself. Take your time and it will turn out great. Simple green is an cheap cleaning solution. Just be cautious of spraying the COP covers and the fuse boxes too much. Use a soft brush and once again, take your time. Engine degreaser may be needed for a job like this though too.
  20. after you clean it, top it of with cdc engine detailer