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  1. Well as some of you were reading someone at my high school keeps putting gum on my car. It happened 6 days in a row and yesterday it was in my dorr locks. i was Soo angry i just couldnt handle it anymore.... so here is what happened


    The plan i had made was to Hunt down whom ever was doing this and Kiss Ass. I checked my car everyday During First Break (Between 2nd & 3rd) and nothing was wrong with my car. when i come out at lunch there was always gum at my car. So i had narrowed it down to it happening sometime between 3rd and 4th. The plan would be after 2nd to Grad a mustang Mag outta my car along with some CD and sit in My friends Focus ZX3 with limo Tint and watch. The focus was part across and a couple cars down so i could see everything. So i began my wait. Listening to some music and Reading about the 07 Shelby GT 500 i began my looking out....with intent to Kick some Ass!!!!

    After 1 Hour....

    I saw these 3 guys walk up. The walk totally out of the way, to my car. i saw them chewing Gum, take it out, and put on my locks. I was soooo pissed. Inside that Hot Focus my anger gained and i jumped outta that car, and took 1 of those ***s and got in his face. I pushed him to the ground and said "WTF are you doing this to my car" Then he started saying something about his ugly ass sister and then i pushed him to the ground. I think he was a little freaked that i was watching. Then i went to my car, To a peace or gum, shoved it in his face and just clocked him, hard, right in the face. Then we went at it. I got him a got 10-12 times in the face and several other places. He had a ring on, when he tryed to hit me, he missed and his ring swipped my eyebrow cutting me. I didnt know i was bleeding so he tried to run way saying "I dont want blood on me" But i grbbed him, and ripped his shirt, Whiped my blood off, then got 2 last punches in the face before the "NARCS" came.

    In The Office.....

    They asked what happened and i explained that this guy has been comming to my house throwing stuff at my car and then doing this was the last straw. 6 Months of Furry was let out. I have blood all over me.

    Now i am Suspended from school for 5 day until tommarow. The other kid got taken away in Cuffs and and is in alot of ****.

    I had to go to the ER and get 5 Stiches which have to stay in for 5 days then i go back after my 5 Day suspention.

    well, everyone at school knows about this and i dont think anyone will be messing with my car anymore.

    You mess with the stang, you better be ready for a fight.

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  2. Arent you Captain Tough-****s.
  3. well done! that showed you are a real man, sucks about the ring though. you'll live, its a battle wound. what did your parents say about it?

  4. i had to do it, and it was the first fight i had ever gotten into.

    My dad was like, "You kicked Ass, Good Job, You car is a Sacred thing, he got what was comming"
  5. False... You didnt have to do it.
  6. I dont blame you one bit. One of my pet peeves is ****ing with someones car. why people do this is beyond me. If you got problems with someone then let them know....but damnitt leave my personal property out of it.
  7. Please Don't Delete This Thread Just yet!!!
  8. All i can say is THUMBS ****ING UP MAN.
  9. Good thread. I hate people that screw with other people's cars.

    BTW, this thread would have sucked w/o pics. Good job.
  10. i woulda done the same you got suspended, but you did annihilate the poor poopmuncher...
  11. great job! i had someone actually run into my old car at school and i never found out who it was. yeh i was pissed and wish i could find out who did it...
  12. Hopefully they'll still let you goto grad night and the graduation ceremony...

    or maybe it was only my highschool that was that anal.

  13. Well I don't condone violence if someone was trying to destroy my personal property I would have done same.... Really what else could you do?
    1) Park somewhere else ... nope did it at his house also as stated.
    2) Call cops ...nope its not like they are gonna send a undercover to babysit a kids car.

    I tell ya I'm not a kid I'm 36 with a wife and two kids of my own mess with my family or my property and we gonna have at it.

    yes this is a family board and maybe some of you don't want to hear it here and he probally shouldnt have posted this to begin with with such graphics but, a guys mustang is part of the family and its well in his right to protect his property.

  14. True its better to let people walk all over you BTW where are you parked ?
  15. did you ever figure out why he was doing that ****? i know you said something about his sister. are you sticking it to her or something? if you are, good job :nice:

    no, you didnt HAVE to do it, and sometimes being the bigger man means not fighting. but in this case, im with you. he deserved a beating. you just dont screw with someones car man :nonono: nice pics too!
  16. Though I hate violence, you did exactly what I would have done. Next time do it and don't get caught.
  17. Yes... let people walk all over you. The guy knew who it was.. he could have easily turned him in.

    I guess I think differently than you guys.
  18. New pics of the Injury are Up.

    When i was hitting the guy in the face i was thing "This is for every guy out there with a stang who has gotten messed with"
  19. Suprised his high school buddies didnt jump in and gang rape you...

    thats kinda typical when b*tches are walking around with their badass posse
  20. Good job not bringing a weapon. You would have been arrested instead of him.

    Could have handled it better... But whatever, you did what you felt you had to do and we all do when we are young.
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