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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by SRT Handz, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. T-20 minutes :banana:

    SRT...they will...just odnt ask...cuz 99% of the time when one asks...they dont necessarilly get what they wanted lol

    its implied u want dont sure at least one mod will see it when they check on the status of the situation ur involved in so ur covered :nice:
  2. and ban the troll Eddiehasle
  3. Eddie Should be mod on
  4. didnt he have a time out a little while ago from here? lol
  5. Well done SRT Handz!!

    Eddie Haskell, go be a victim somewhere else.
  6. He's gone.....junior high doesn't have a very long lunch period.
  7. 3 more hours till i mean with administration
  9. This is true, I had 2 friends that got their cars keyed from one end to the other and they both got new paint jobs. One of the cars was a '96 and needed it, the other guy had a new jeep and got some kinda pearl and ghost flames. Insurance paid for both.
  10. Hmm, does the school not have anywhere to park? That is an important question to be answered. Secondly, why is the school involved in something that happened off school grounds? Personally I've never been to a school without parking. Either way, it is still assault.

    Go above the police....surely someone will take his bubble gum story seriously. Also, why did the guy that got assaulted say something about his sister before being attacked and why did srt call her ugly? These are question that he may want to answer. Why would this guy pick you(srt) at random? Do you two have a history? Is there more to the story than what you are telling?

    Whoa, that's very nice. He should have beat him and then shot him. That would get ultimate respect.

    That means a lot coming from someone as rational as you :p :p
  11. Seeing as I wasn't there, I have no idea. I also don't know the assault victims background info. I believe even you must admitt that putting gum on the keyhole of a car, and then getting assaulted, followed by being led away in cuffs just doesn't seem logical. :p
  12. Eddie is fair and balanced; that tends to ruffle a few feathers.
  13. Hey Eddie, Wanna Fight?
  14. :rlaugh: You call those personal attacks? Wow, what a Sally. Oh, wait--that's a personal attack. You better take your Premarin, as I sense some emotional and hormonal balance issues with you. :(
  15. Fixed. :D

    Oh, speaking in the 3rd person about one's self? That died in the 1980s. Sorry. :(
  16. Once again I'm at the center of the argument :p
  17. You must watch Queer eye :hail2:


  18. Hmmm. Don't know of that show, but evidently you must. I don't watch TV; I only view filtered media.
  19. Aint that somethin' thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!! :p

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