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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by SRT Handz, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. Don't abuse your privelege.
  2. wow this 9 pages


  3. Lets make a petition to Ban Eddie.
  4. i wish my spinoff thread wasnt deleted :( it would be awesome to compliment this thread :(

  5. i care what happens to my car. first of all, it's my property and i don't want to see it damaged. 2nd, why should i have to go through the trouble to get it fixed because some idiot thinks it's cool to vandalize my car. 3rd, my insurance rates will go up if someone vandalizes my car.

  6. :stupid: , you are the one with the blood all over you. Got any pics of him. I have a funny feeling this didnt go down exactly how it is stated

  7. So. You're saying that EddieHasskel is French? :flag:
  8. Good job on the ass kicking! I would've done the same after that much **** happening to my car. 2 weekends ago, a girl broke the end cap off my spoiler, but i didnt do anything to her since she was a girl. Altho she did it on purpose, acted like she didnt mean to tho. I just tossed the piece in the car, drove home and took the wing off.

    On a second note, EddieHaskell is a little ****. Somebody needs to ban him. He has no sense of reason about a person's property. **** him. I cant wait til somebody does something to your car, we'll see who's being "rational" and "telling the teacher" instead of wanting to beat some ass.. ****head
  9. I do not support banning any more than I support feeding trolls.

    Banning is almost never necessary on a board that has an ignore feature.

    Banning should only be used for violations of the site usage policy.

    Banning should not be used just because some one does not agree with the majority view.
  10. How could you ban Eddie for his opinions?
  11. eddie go back to your honda civic forums...
  12. Results

    Well my Suspention got reduced to a 3 day and i get to play with the marching band on friday

    I have to get an estimate for the damage when he goes to court for vandalism

    How much do you think it will cost to re-paint the trunk and spoiler Lazer Red?
  13. Laser Red is a very expensive paint...
  14. yeah i know, but i am not gonna use the money for the paint.

    I am gonna buy myself a nice set of HID's!!!


  16. $300-$450 +
  17. omg ur in the marching band? awesome...marching band rocks!

    dont go HID...get some cams or headers!
  18. More power to you dude!! I would have done the same thing or worse :fuss:
  19. Eddie was banned for Badgering not for his opinion.

    Carry on.
  20. for the estimate, take it to the best, most expensive body shop in town :D
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