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  1. His so called "Badass" friends ran off. they got caught later.

    This is one of those guys that about ready to drop out, has no life, no car, and all his friends drop out. what kind off life do you have when you drive by a persons house at 3 AM on a THURSDAY!?!?!?! Damn loser. I feel sooo good right now, all i need is IN & OUT and i would be in heaven

    IN & OUT + Kicking some ass = Relaxed Soul!!!
  2. Haha, nothing like a little of the old ULTRAVIOLENCE to get the blood pumping :rlaugh:
  3. Ah, Finally someone who isn't all talk and backs it up. Good job :nice:
  4. Way to go. I would have done the same myself.
  5. Kickass, dude. :nice: :nice: :nice:

    Justice has been served. :flag:
  6. :flag: i think the funniest part about it was that all the mustang owners in the school were all like "way to go, Do mess with a stang!!!"
  7. shweet, but i still say you shoulda dragged him to texas :D
  8. hey, great job man.. i would of done the same thing. that will teach him to mess with the stang!!... well done!!! :nice:
  9. bump.^^^ im still curious if you found out why. didnt feel like typing that whole thing again :rolleyes:
  10. damn liberals.......
  11. OMG... Seriously? HAHAHAHAHAHA :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:

    Insulting you and your ignorance would help me gain nothing. :)
  12. Why?

    So here is the reason he has been doing this.

    We awhile back these guys tryed to start trouble with me for no reason. They thought if was fun to throw stuff at my stang at 3 Am when i was sleeping. stuff like old food and such. I keep calling the cops but they said "You have to catch Them" So then i caught them and they got busted and stopped at my house (I started to Garage my stang) But started doing it at school. These guys are all losers. Drops outs of high school that have nothing to do.

    I live in a VERY quite area. Up in hill and for anyone to go to my house you have to go completly outta your way to get here. No just pass my my house on the way to Burger King. So Once it started doing this i was pissed. Tried to handle it the "Right", "Mature", "Adult" way buy contacting my local Authorities but that did do anything. I had top catch him myself. And i did, and when i did 6 Months on Pure anger for my and my Beautiful stang which i was 2 sometimes 3 times a week.

    I have a meeting with the School Ass. Principal about whats going on. I think they will go easy on me Because...

    1. Its the first fight i have gotten into in my 4 years of High School
    2. I was Defending My property
    3. this is not the first time he has done this.

    we will find out tommarow at 3:15
  13. Good job man, I would have confronted them also :nice: . I would have turned them in first, unless they wanted to rumble or tried to make more trouble. But that completely depends on how mad I one of that that takes ALOT to get mad....but once I am, well...... I dont like to *start* the fight though, even if they desirve it..they have to make the first move (physical contact...or about to). How old are you anyways? Highschool right? AGAIN, GOOD JOB MAN...NO BODY MESSES WITH THE STANG!
  14. yep, great hide out tactics!!!
  15. Good job bro, I did the same thing in highschool to some punk kid.
  16. Thats exacly how i am. New start a fight, and it takes ALOT to get me made. But the one thing that makes me more made than anything is Messing with my car, thats just wrong.
  17. they might have guns next time.....
  18. This was at school, and they were white trash. shows how tuff they are when his 2 friends run away
  19. If that was a serious comment thats probably the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Everyone thinks that shady people probably have guns and will use them. Kids aren't as crazy as people make them out to be, they can get in fights and not pull knives and guns to solve it, just like "the good ol days."
  20. It will be intersting to see what the next escalation of the battle will be. I would reduce your insurance comprehensive damage deductible if I were you...
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