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  1. since he is arrested and if anything happens to my car he will be the first subject, i think nothing more will happen till my B-day when the cheerleaders write stuff with shoe polish. I think i will drive the beater that day.

    I still should have taken his ass to texas......

    I heard since they were messing with the locks is considered trying to break into my car, is that true?
  2. Over 35 guns/knives were found my school in the last 3 years. I'm glad I was out years before that. But then again we have gangs from new york/candem/philly 18th street/blood/crip.
  3. hopefully he hurt that guy enough so he wont try anything further....
  4. ok, so there was really no reason that he was messing with your car? just trying to start **** for no apparent reason? thats what i was trying to figure out. im not questioning why you kicked his ass, im glad you did. just wondering why the guy was doing this to your car in the first place.

    wish i couldve been there to yell "kick his ass sea-bass!" :D
  5. Hopefully by looking at your face no one thinks that you were the one who got pwnt
  6. 'His face is the one that looks worse than mine, WAY Worse. its all black and blue and had a bloody nose.

    after the fight it kinda looked like the front end of an SRT-4
  7. i like the qucik follow up...its good to know you were successful in taking it into ur own hands and not getting sohuld be safe at school park anywhere you like! :banana:
    yeah as stated glad u didnt get gangbanged in the process...please do follow up with what happens to the tards :flag:
  8. try to get pics of the other guy plz

    bring him roses or something
  9. Maybe in Moorhead, Minnisota :nonono:
  10. Update will be up tommarow...damn white trash
  11. Does he look like this??


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  12. lol maybe u can get a copy of his mugs or something :rlaugh: a camera phone would be just as effective tho..we wanna see his messed up face! :fuss:
  13. EXACLY!!!!

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  14. lolol omg thats the worst photoshop ive ever seen but it just adds to the laughter :rlaugh:
  15. Photoshop?

    Try MSpaint in Gif format
  16. :jaw: :hail2:

    superb :nice:
  17. you change your name to Bloody_Handz :nice:
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