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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by SRT Handz, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. :stupid:

    But then might have worked out better this way. :shrug:
  2. If you read my "Why" post you will understand that it didnt work
  3. Classic thread! I too am glad someone did something, instead of just talking. They won't bother you again, unless they are retarded and want another beating

  4. I own a tazer lol :flag:
  5. i'm proud of you.......

    At first I was like, man, this may be some :bs:

    but you showed pictures to back it up, your the THE man.
  6. way to go man. hey you gotta do what you gotta do. off topic do you plan on going to ffw in cali?
  7. Thanx alot for all your support. If it wasnt for everyone telling me to kick his ass, the i probley wouldnt have, but i did and tonight i shall sleep good, with my battle wound not touching my bed.

    IDK if i am going to FFW yet, isnt this weekend?
  8. :nice: for you! Defend your property cause nobody else will.
  9. now its oct. 1-2 i might make the cruise up there. IDK. ill deffinetly be at the one here though.
  10. I'm with DK on this one. Fighting should be used as a last resort. Surely as the top intellectual species we can rise above our primal instincts and use our intellect to overcome obstacles.

    You ever hear of a video camera? While you were hiding out, planning to pounce some poor sap, you could have gotten him on camera or told a teacher. It seems like you would have been arrested also; after all, you started the fight. If someone messes with my property in a public place, am I entitled to deliver 15+ blows to their face?

    So yeah, it was very immature. If I were he; I would sue you. Surely he would have a case since you only have proof of him sticking gum on your car 1 time.

  11. you always go against the grain eddiehaskell... go the hell to bed or ill have Handz kick your ass
  12. Wanna Fight? :cheers:
  13. LOL your all still pumped up from your fight and ready to at it again at 11 at night you sir... are admirable
  14. fixed :p
  15. My adreninalin was so High that that i could feel a thing when they were working on my Wound.

    Now that i have 5 days of no school i think i am gonna FULLY detail my car and go everywhere and take pics
  16. How far is La Mirada from Ventura county?

    Maybe ill drop mine off and have you detail it.
  17. **** man your less than an hour from me!

    2. Bear Right onto CA-118 EAST - go 25.6 mi
    3. Take the I-5 SOUTH exit toward LOS ANGELES - go 34.4 mi
    4. Take the PIONEER BLVD exit toward IMPERIAL HWY - go 0.3 mi
    5. Turn Left on IMPERIAL HWY - go 4.0 mi
    6. Turn Right on LA MIRADA BLVD - go 0.2 mi
    7. Make a U-turn at TACUBA DR onto LA MIRADA BLVD - go 0.1 mi
    8. Arrive at the center of LA MIRADA, CA
  18. 5 Freeway and Beach BLVD. If u wanna roll and take pics some night, hit me up...Then we can Fight!!!!
  19. MODS!! Can we lock/delete this thread? It seems to encourage and congratulate violence. :(
  20. omg

    On a non retard note.

    Yeah thatd be cool to see if we can set something up and cruise around I got a buddy of mine with an 01 cobra lookalike 04 Get a couple more people together and we got ourselves a cruise.
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