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  1. I Have set up a HUGE OC meet this weekend in Tustin. I gonna be great. alot of cars came last time...SOOO Many cobra, This time we might make a movie

    Here is the Info

    But i wanna take pics at the Spectrum with the farris wheel in the Back On a Week day
  2. DAMN!!! I would totally go if it was on sunday... I work 8am-8pm on saturdays... arrange one on sunday!
  3. are you down for pics after i find out about tommarow Principle meeting and set up a day
  4. Don't you hate it when a loser who has nothing tries to damage your property because he can't have a nice ride. I use to own a huge 4x4 jeep wrangler with 35inch super swampers, i went to a club and when i came out someone had spit all over my jeep. and my top was down!. I tell ya if i would of seen the perp i would of gave him a beat down! good job kicking his ass maybe next time he'll think twice before messing with someones car. BTW i wouldn't put it pass him to send someone else to mess with your car.

  5. WTF..wanna Fight?!!?!?! :fuss:
  6. Yeah most likely could do it sunday... you got a spot for any cool night shots? I dont have a camera and ill need time during the day to clean the stang up

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    I am pro, but i think my wound will alter the way the pics come out lol
  8. [​IMG]
  9. You have got to be kidding me eddie.
  10. Batman says "Wanna Fight?"
  11. SRT you just logged off aim... i just messaged you.
  12. Holy crap! I'm a little late on reading this thread, but well done! Sure it isn't great to encourage violence, but for once, I get to read about someone giving some F'r what they had coming. :cheers:
  13. Is that a threat?
  14. :rlaugh:

    im a little late, but :hail2:

    this thread should be a sticky. :hail2: :hail2: the justice system could never do as good of a job as you just did :nice: some kids just need their ass kicked. you hippie queers think that the stupid piece of white trash would have stopped b/c he got arrested?? NO! the ass kicking will though.

  15. I am not a violent person and normally tell people to just "let it go". This time, the young man did all that he could to protect his car and nothing worked. He is to be congradulated for not killing the prick. It was handled in the only way possible that would ensure:
    1. The perpertrator paid for vandalizing his Mustang
    2. The perp would not damage his car again

    Perhaps Eddie, when you're old enough to have a car and you take care of it you will discover someone took a key to it. Maybe then you'll understand what happened.

  16. well at least we know who the cheese eating rats are on stangnet. If someone messes w/ your stuff you have to take care if it on your own, running and telling someone is so 5th gradish.

    BTW: you did the right thing, ever think of joining the UFC :D
  17. :owned:

  18. pff this guy is either 1) a flamin liberal 2) a flaming homosexual
  19. nope..........not yet.

    Eddie, why do you post here, knowing that you are going to be flamed?? :shrug:
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