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  1. you forgot:
    3)Troll and 4) all of the above.

    I vote for 4.
  2. But, it'll up his premium and then they will have won by instilling fear upon im. :)
  3. :rlaugh:
  4. nicely done. i got in a fight over my car once but there were three of them :notnice: so, as you can imagine, i didnt post up a story about it.
  5. Key? I thought the guy put gum on it?? Soooo if someone touches my car in a way that I don't see fit I can punch them multiple times in the face?? Sadly, I don't think the American justice system would support you! :p

  6. It was more than a simple "touch it in an unpreferred manner". This kid was vandalizing his personal property. Can you read his original story and try to comprehend it?
  7. DO you understand git-it???:)
  8. His words: "chewing Gum, take it out, and put on my locks"

    seem to fit the term vandalization quite nicely. Hence, an infraction upon another person.

    Read this and see if you disagree:
  9. And as I said, if someone touches my car with gum...Do I have the right to punch them 15 times in the face?? What if they touch my mailbox or god forbid my precious tulips? Fortunately, the world doesnt work that way.

    (besides, I think after 1-2 punches I could end the fight.....not 15 :p )
  10. Quoted for truth:

    You're a pig headed know it all, who knows nothing more about cars than he reads in the latest issue of "supatunazz" magazine and only graces Stangnet with his presence to start trouble! You're 14-years-old, don’t even have your licence much less own a car, a virgin and will remain so for a very long time.
  11. I'm not sure if gum would fit that definition, it's not really permanent damage.
  12. im a little late on seeing this thread, but i must say GOOD JOB MAN! im glad to see you had the guts to do something about what was going on. violence is always the last resort, but you already did everything you could. i feel the same way about my stang. i would kick some ass too if somkeone disrespected my property like that. you have my respect for approaching that group and starting it yourself. btw, where was your buddy? you shoulda had at least one friend there just in case his posse decided to help out. but it looks like it worked out pretty well, besides for the suspension. but now you have a few days to wash/wax and detail the stang. i think you deserve the time off. i never understood how time off from school was a punishment :shrug: good job on the pics too. and if your HS is anything like mine was, youre gonna become a lot more popular. chicks are gonna be throwing themselves at you. props
  13. Defacing is marring the appearance of any object. Placing an object, gum, which has no purpose on the surface of a motorized vehicle of any sort is definitely defacing it. Therefore, it is vandalizing; a crime of sorts. At least it is in the United States. Maybe I should move to your planet, where people vandalize and pay no consequences.

    This person (Stang owner) did everything in his power, admittedly, to prevent further contact between the perpetrator and the property in question. All he needs now is to document it, have witness, and the poor sucker who got his ass_ waxed will definitely have some time ahead of him.
  14. Small Updates

    when they put gum un my locks that puts Tacks in the lock to which pushed the gum inside. Is that considered trying to "Break Into" My car

    Also i am going to the Local Ford Body Shop Get a Estimate

    Why You ask?

    Because since my old Ass Kicking thread what deleted They kept putting gun other places on my car. 3 Times on the Spoiler. One time it took some Clear Coat Off. So i think to finish it off the school to me to get a Estimate on Re-paint of the Spoiler and trunk since you have to color match....thats gonna cost a pretty Penny!

    Mods, Can we Make This a Sticky?
  15. did you not read the whole thread? The guy 1) drove by at 3am several times throwing garbage at his car 2) put gum on his car multiple times, btw this is gum were talking about not a fingerpring, i dont see how this is touching by any stretch of the imagination, this is vandolism plain and simple. He tryed to get the cops involved, they wouldnt help. Therefore he handled it the only way he could. If you wouldnt have done anything about it yourself eddie then i call you a coward. Ill be damned if ill let someone mess with my car over and over with no retribution. With that mentality, you must of been one of those guys that let bullys walk over you in high school...
  16. good job. i was reading your thread yesterday and i thought you were another S hit talker and you werent gonna do anything about it. good job man!
  17. SRT Handz for MOD! :nice:

    then change his name to: Don't touch my f'n stang or I'll kick your ass Handz!
  18. wheres this mans CT???
  19. BullyBeater
    Vengeance is Mine!
    Touch my Stang, and I'll smash your face!


  20. seems as though it did, hes free and clear and the other kid got arrested. Do you ever read threads or just spout on meaningless crap?
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